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‘Nepo Baby’?? How Kim Kardashian's Daughter North West REALLY Got Lion King Role!

‘Nepo Baby’?? How Kim Kardashian's Daughter North West REALLY Got Lion King Role!

Is this the real reason why North West got her big role?

ICYMI, the 10-year-old kiddo took to the stage to perform I Just Can’t Wait To Be King for The Lion King’s 30th anniversary concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday night. North received a standing ovation from the audience after her performance. Some even praised her online for doing a great job, including the original singing voice of young Simba, Jason Weaver. See for yourself (below):

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But, of course, not all reviews were raves. Her landing the role was also heavily criticized on social media, with many claiming she only did so due to being a “nepo baby” since she’s the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Social media users even blasted her parents for allowing her to take the opportunity away from other kids with “real talent.” Ouch! What harsh criticism directed at a kid!

Now, insiders familiar with the project are revealing to how North got the role. And it sounds like nepotism did play a part in it! A source told the outlet on Tuesday that the Kardashian family’s close connection to the event producers is a big reason why Miss Westie landed the part of young Simba. Apparently, the production company for The Lion King at the Hollywood Bowl also produces The Kardashians! The source explained:

“The Lion King at the Hollywood Bowl and The Kardashians are both produced by the same production company, Fulwell 73 Productions. Gabe Turner, who is a partner in Fulwell, is also the creative showrunner for The Lion King. This was a shoe in for North and she was told that if she can carry a note the gig is hers.”

So, despite some VOCAL critics’ opinions, apparently she could “carry a note” — enough for her to get the job! She definitely had a great stage presence! And speaking of such presence, the family’s connection with the production company wasn’t the only reason producers booked North… It also came down to her star power! The insider noted her ability to make headlines for her performance was a BIG factor in their decision to hire her for the role:

“They were hoping to draw publicity for this, which they did. But North didn’t have to compete against anyone else and anyone else who would have auditioned would have not gotten it anyways. This is 100 per cent the result of her family’s relationship with Disney and with Fulwell.”

It also helped that the family plans to feature the performance on an upcoming episode of their reality show. And you know the Kardashians love people talking about them, so in the end, it was a win-win for everyone involved:

“The promise of the moment being shown on the show and to go and be seen everywhere was also a major selling point for having North a part of the festivities. Like everything the Kardashians do, this was well documented and planned. They have to keep the brand somehow.”

So with all this, yes, her famous family influenced her casting into the role. But that doesn’t mean North doesn’t have a huge passion for performing! A second insider insisted North is extremely enthusiastic about acting and music. And the one thing Kim and Kanye can agree on is making sure that she achieves all her dreams, even if it means stepping in to get her any opportunities:

“North wants to do music, stage, TV, film and all different things in entertainment. So every opportunity she gets or is given is all a part of the plan for her to take over Hollywood as crazy as that might sound it is one thing that Kim and Kanye can agree on and they are going to help get her any and all opportunities possible.”

Whether people like it or not, it sounds like Kimye will continue helping North whenever they can with her career! But really, would you expect anything different?? Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

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