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Hugh Hefner's Ex-Wife Kimberley Defends Him Against Crystal's Allegations -- Says She's Exploiting Him?!

Hugh Hefner’s Ex-Wife Kimberly Defends Him Against Crystal – Says She’s Exploiting Him?!

Someone is finally coming to Hugh Hefner‘s defense! And it’s honestly a pretty hot take…

The Playboy tycoon has been in the media all week amid the release of his widow Crystal Hefner‘s new memoir, Only Say Good Things. In the book, the 37-year-old admitted to cheating on the publisher, insisted he was bad in bed, and recalled the moment she realized she was essentially a prisoner at his mansion. She also took time to back up claims made by other ex girlfriends’ of Hef’s, noting that the time she spent in his orbit was super traumatic.

It’s been a lot of revelations in a very short time. But now one of Hef’s other wives is sick of it!

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In a statement obtained by TMZ (and later People) on Friday, Kimberley Conrad — who was married to the media personality from 1989 to 2010 and shares two kids with him — called Crystal out for changing her tune about her past, arguing it’s ONLY for a money grab?! Without directly naming anyone, Kim dished:

“As a few people speak their version of their idea of events in hopes of riding a wave of headline relevance, and making a quick buck, we should all ask ourselves whether we want to live in an environment where people refuse to take accountability and use words loosely like ‘force’ and ‘survive’ to describe choices they made willingly at a certain point in their own lives.”


The 61-year-old went on to say that Crystal made choices that gave her “notoriety, opportunity, and money” in the moment — and, according to Kim, now she’s essentially doing that all over again. She cautioned:

“We should be wary of those who try to destroy things because they are no longer benefiting from them. People like that will never hold credibility, in my opinion.”

The model also doesn’t think it’s fair for anyone to say such disparaging things about her ex when he’s not around to defend himself. And the way she sees it, people should instead be praising him as a “pioneer of free thought and expression” and a “leading voice behind some of the most significant social and cultural movements of our time, advocating for free speech, integrity, sexual freedoms, and civil rights.” Per People, she noted Hef lived an “an exceptional and impactful life” and that “through Playboy, he defined a lifestyle that lies at the heart of how many people think and feel.”

But then she essentially blamed any of his alleged wrong-doing on… boys will be boys?! She continued:

“With all his success, Hef was also a man.”

Kimberley then straight up DRAGGED all Hugh’s former girlfriends who have made allegations about him, TMZ noted:

“If you want to talk about exploitation, this is exactly what these women have done with Hef in his later years and at the end of his life.”

Jeez! She really doesn’t think Hef should be held accountable for any of the alleged shady s**t he did, does she? Wow.

FWIW, Crystal and Kendra Wilkinson (who has also been speaking out lately) have both admitted to being pressured to defend Hef against bad press and allegations, so that’s something to keep in mind when hearing all of this. Thoughts?! Do you agree or disagree with Kim’s hot take? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN]

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