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Oh, boy! The shiz has hit the fan!
Yesterday, OK! magazine claimed that it had uncovered shocking allegations that Larry Birkhead is a shady and dishonest person.
The mag says it will reveal its explosive findings in their new issue.
Well, now Anna Nicole‘s ex is firing back and threatening to sue OK! magazine.
Birkhead claims that it’s OK! that is behaving inappropriately.
OK! magazine, they’re basically├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥it’s just sour grapes from them,” Larry responds.
Birkhead said he planned to sue OK! for “alluding to the fact that I’d be involved in anything ethical or immoral with my daughter.”
Dannilynne‘s dad said he believes the magazine’s “explosive allegations” are culled from former MSNBC host Rita Cosby’s upcoming book, Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith’s Death. He said he also plans to sue Cosby.
He’s just sue happy!
Until now, Birkhead had participated in several pay for play cover stories with OK!. The mag would hand him lots of cash and he would give them exclusive interviews and access to Dannilynne, along with accompanying pictures.
Larry said the rift between him and the usually celeb-friendly mag started when he informed OK! that Us Weekly wanted to do a cover story on him and Dannielynn.
“I asked out of courtesy, and OK! magazine went through the roof,” Birkhead said, adding that the glossy was also pissed that the invite to Dannielynn’s first birthday party somehow ended up in InTouch. “They can’t stand it if one other magazine has one other little detail.”
Birkhead claims that a reporter from OK! sent him an email warning he’d be the subject of “horrid” coverage if he went ahead with the Us story. In the end, Birkhead did the Us interview, and according to him, he got the “horrid” treatment.
“They just sent out a press release showing how vindictive they are,” Larry moaned. “They wanted to lock me down, like I’m under their command.”
Hey, since they were paying you, then you WERE under their command!
Per Birkhead, the magazine also wanted to play party planner.
“They wanted to send a rap star to my daughter’s first birthday,” Birkhead said. “That’s not appropriate for a one-year-old.”
The “rap star,” per Birkhead: Kat DeLuna, a singer who actually left the rapping to Elephant Man on their summertime hit Whine Up.
There may not be any OK! coverage, but we’re sure Larry will be whoring out little Dannilynne to Enetratinment Tonight or Access Hollywood.
Summing up his feelings, Larry says, “It’s been a rough year for me and I’m not going to let these people [at OK!] drag me down. They’re mad because someone sold one less magazine. They can stay home, and there’ll be more cake for me and Dannielynn.”

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Aug 31, 2007 10:47am PDT