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Ireland Baldwin Slams Accusations Of Fatphobia Over Nude Pics -- And Talks Overcoming Her Own Body Dysmorphia!

Ireland Baldwin Accused Fatphobia Nude Photos

What a surprising accusation! And Ireland Baldwin is not going to stand here naked taking it!

The model has written an intense — but thoughtful — clapback post after being accused of fatphobia on Instagram.

The criticism has since been taken down, not by the commenter, but by IG — who apparently judged the pics being commented on as too risqué?? Ireland explained:

“So yesterday, Instagram took down a set of old throwback photos I posted of my covered, nude body. I’m not posting this to get into it about instagram’s f**ked up censorship issues… But I wanted to discuss a message I received from a stranger. It was quite wordy, and she brought up a lot of points. But one thing stuck with me and this isn’t the first time I’ve received this criticism. This women said I am fatphobic for posting photos of my body on here and mentioned that I’m spreading a harmful message by posting images of myself.”

So her complaint was that just by posting photos showing her body, Ireland was somehow negatively judging other bodies? How is it even possible to read that much into it? We mean, is it simultaneously deemed judgy of body types slimmer than the 26-year-old’s as well?

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Anyway, never mind our assessment, we’ll let the writer speak for herself! She began:

“Today is one of those rainy days that I’m stuck inside not feeling too great, so I’m already not in the best of moods. But I want to be VERY clear about something. In NO way is what I chose to post on my page fatphobic, let alone YOUR business.”

Taking a moment to make it clear this is not a space in which body types are judged, she wrote:

“I love all body types so long as YOU are happy in the body you’re in. You can be thin, fit, or fat and be unhealthy. BMI isn’t always an indicator of one’s health. Is it medically proven that people that put on a lot of excess UNHEALTHY weight are more at risk for certain problems later down the line? Yes. Though, can the most fit people have all kinds of health issues? Double yes! All bodies are different. All bodies metabolize differently, have different genetics. SO MANY FACTORS.”

Ireland also added that unlike quite a few IG models and influencers, she’s not even claiming to have miracle cures or secret hacks for weight loss. Frankly she seems as confused as we are how the criticism of fatphobia got directed at her in the first place:

“I’m never pushing diet teas and horse s**t supplements that don’t work on my page. I never will.”

In fact, she says, posting her own pics is a message of body positivity if anything! Because like many others, she also has self-image issues:

“I post my body because, well it’s my page, and 2, because I am proud of how far I’ve come with my own body dysmorphia and image acceptance.”

Wow. It may seem unbelievable to read that someone like Ireland Baldwin suffers from body dysmorphia, but we all have our own issues. For instance, we’re talking about someone whose looks have been compared for her entire life to her mother, Kim Basinger, widely considered one of the most beautiful people to ever walk the earth. Surely that must have taken a toll. Heck, the first time most people heard her name was probably on a tape of poppa Alec Baldwin calling her a “little pig.”

Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 1999
Ireland’s parents Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 1999. / (c) WENN/MARCUS HOFFMAN

The now grown and healthy Ireland also pointed out:

“By posting my own body, I am not encouraging anyone to look like me! I don’t unrealistically edit my images to encourage people to look like this unrealistic version of myself.”

It’s a fair point. While her bod may offend Meta‘s strait-laced sensibilities, it’s her real, un-photoshopped self. The fact she’s putting it out there shows a healthy confidence if anything. We’d hope it would be encouraging. Sure, Ireland looks amazing — but a LOT of folks look amazing and have the hardest time realizing it.

She concluded:

“I empathize tremendously with people’s pain but sometimes I call bulls**t and think people need to get a grip. Let people use their platforms to be who they want to be and be proud of themselves. You don’t know how people struggle behind the curtain. I will never allow fatphobia on my page ever and in no way is posting my own body fatphobic.”

Good for you, gurl! See the full post (below)!

[Image via Ireland Baldwin/Instagram.]

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