Ivanka Trump Busted Using Private Email Account

So remember how Hillary Clinton‘s biggest scandal during the 2016 election was using a private email server?

Donald Trump must have mentioned it a hundred times, the FBI re-opening the investigation into it is credited with pushing the scales that tiny bit Trump needed against her, and his supporters STILL chant LOCK HER UP at his rallies.

Well, guess what? Ivanka Trump has been doing the same damn thing!

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According to a new report in The Washington Post, the senior White House adviser sent HUNDREDS of emails to aides, assistants, and cabinet officials through her personal account, many of which were about government business — apparently putting her in violation of the Presidential Records Act.

According to the Post, Ivanka did not allow the White House Counsel to review the emails but instead had her personal attorney go through them and determine which were official business.

She reportedly told White House lawyers she was “unaware that she was breaking any email rules.”

Wow. The gall needed to say that after Daddy’s “Crooked Hillary” campaign.

Of course for Hillary this was a career-derailing scandal; in TrumpWorld, this is only like the 917th worst thing they’ve done. Just in the past month, the President has:

  • fired the Attorney General and installed a loyal lapdog who he liked from TV — definitely against DOJ protocol, possibly even in violation of the constitution
  • revoked the press pass of a reporter because he doesn’t like being asked tough questions — and falsely accused him of assaulting an intern using a doctored video to back him up
  • criticized a retired U.S. Admiral and leader of Seal Team Six for being a “Hillary Clinton fan” who should have gotten Bin Laden “a lot sooner” — just one week after skipping out on the Veterans Day wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery because he didn’t want his hair to get wet in the rain
  • wasted the time of nearly 6,000 troops by sending them to the border to help sell the fake “migrant caravan invasion” crisis he was peddling to stir up fear during the midterms (they’re reportedly about to be recalled despite the caravan they were supposedly sent to protect us from not having arrived yet, as if you needed more proof he was lying)
  • brushed the murder of a Washington Post journalist by the crown prince of Saudi Arabia under the rug because it was politically inconvenient
  • threatened California with removal of federal funding as a result of the state suffering historically large, deadly fires

So yeah. Emails.

[Image via Michael Carpenter/WENN.]

Nov 19, 2018 5:05pm PDT