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Jana Kramer Hashes It Out With Her Ex-Husband!!

jana kramer, johnathon schaech : exes hash out their differences on jana's podcast

Mike Caussin may still be on the outs with Jana Kramer, but at least she’s patched things up with her other ex-husband.

Yep, the actress sat down with Johnathon Schaech — to whom she was only married for 12 days — and healed their relationship, again. You see, while their marriage ended on bad terms back in 2010, they had actually set aside their differences and became close friends (alongside their partners Mike and Julie Solomon) years later. But the friendship fractured when Johnathon tagged her in one of their wedding photos on Twitter.

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On Monday’s episode of her podcast Whine Down, the One Tree Hill alum spoke with her ex about the ups and downs of their relationship. Reminiscing about their first meeting in 2008, she said:

“Johnathon was the killer in Prom Night. Spoiler alert, if you haven’t seen it. And I just remember going like, ‘Oh, my God, that’s the hot guy from That Thing You Do!

She went on:

“We met on that movie, but you were just kind of getting out of a previous marriage, so I was very much, like, wanting to chase you. And you’re, like, ‘I’m never getting married.’ And I’m just like, ‘Oh, no, but choose me, like, love me.'”

The actor, who at the time was fresh off a divorce from Christina Applegate (and is also 12 years Jana’s senior), agreed:

“You would stand outside my door and just constantly knock on the door. [I was] like, ‘Guys, this girl’s crazy. … I feel so bad for her. She’s so lovely and wonderful and she doesn’t know that about herself.'”

Jana eventually wore Johnathon down, but his ex-wife loomed large in their relationship. While the 38-year-old claimed he called her “Christina every two days” over the course of the romance, he admitted:

“Once or twice when we were fighting, I might have got upset and said Christina. I was trying to fill that void of my broken heart that I had. So I would accidentally call you by that name when we really would get angry at one another. And you’d be like, ‘See!’ … That was the one thing that I really wanted to tell you — I tried to make you something that you weren’t. I wasn’t healed. I hadn’t taken time to heal myself from that broken heart. And I just wanted you to shine and not me to shine at the same time. And I was so happy that I was able to do something with you that brought all these qualities that you had. But I forgot about me and that’s not fair to you.”

Reflecting on his four-year marriage to the Dead to Me star, he said:

“After my first marriage, I just never healed. I was supposed to be OK. I never healed and trauma’s a time traveler. … So when we don’t address it, it comes and gets us in the end. And so my marriage was connected to my career, everything about my work. It was, you know, Christina is an actress. We were in the limelight. I loved her so much. I still love her so much. I don’t think Julie will ever be offended that I would ever say that. I loved her and I loved you. … But I just never I’d never healed from Christina and I finally was starting to realize how broken my heart was.”

Over the course of rebound with Jana, the pair “broke up a gazillion times,” but eventually walked down the aisle after two years of dating. The country singer dismissed the occasion as a “party,” but Johnathon countered:

“Jana, you’re an incredible human being. I wanted that to be part of my life. I thought that you would heal me and make my life better. And I thought I had to marry you to get that. So it wasn’t just a party to me. It was much deeper for me. But, you know, I think that we weren’t ready. … I wanted the best in our marriage, I really wanted to make it work.”

He wasn’t the only one who needed healing, though, Jana claimed:

“We were two very unhealed souls who came together. I was trying to fill a void — and there was no way you could’ve ever filled my need for love.”

She admitted she would have been a “disaster” as a wife at the time, adding:

“I definitely feel bad about anybody that I hurt along the way, including you and your family.”

After meeting Mike, Jana attempted to reach out and mend fences — something Johnathon wasn’t ready for. But after the news broke about Mike’s infidelity (the first time) in 2016, he sent his ex an email, she remembered:

“You said, ‘I heard you got Dancing with the Stars, I’m really sorry about your husband cheating on you. I know you have a beautiful baby, and if you need anything, I’m here for you and my wife.’ And I just remember being so thankful in that moment. Because I was going to L.A. with my 4-month-old daughter, my ex was in rehab. … And so he’s like, ‘If you need any baby stuff,’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know how long I’m gonna be on Dancing With the Stars, [but] I would love a crib, so Jolie doesn’t have to be in a pack and play.’ … So my tour manager got in contact with his wife, Julie, and [I] pretty much haven’t left Julie’s side since then. She’s the coolest chick in America. She’s so much fun. And you guys became family.”

After that, their spouses and children became close, as the two exes supported each other through auditions and health scares. The couples even moved to Nashville around the same time. But unfortunately, the goodwill was undone in 2021 when Johnathon tweeted:

“I had to explain this photo to my son today. I told him I’ve been married three times. But I got it right when I married his mother. @kramergirl and I lasted a week. We weren’t meant but for this photo and friendship.”

During the podcast, the Legends of Tomorrow alum revealed he “puts all my thoughts and my feelings” on Twitter, explaining:

“I didn’t think anything would ever come of it. I thought that, maybe, one day you and I would actually have a conversation about what that was all about. I included you because it’s not, like, every day you see that and have that experience. [It’s] something we’re really going to have to talk to our children about. Not only you, but I’ll have to talk to Camden and Lily about Christina.”

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Reflecting on the conversation after Johnathon signed off, Jana said:

“I think there was hurt in that, like, you know, his parents were there and his grandparents. And so I think it was so much beyond the pettiness of the Twitter and the whole, ‘Well, I didn’t like that he posted our wedding photo, and why would he do that?’ It was still the hurt of the, like, the way back past. … He’s got his family and friends here and we’ll never be that unit — I don’t think — that we were in L.A. because we didn’t have [anyone else]. We just had each other, all of us. But at least now … I can go to their house and it’s not, like, going to be any kind of awkward situation. I respect him, I respect his, you know, I love his family. I love his heart and what he does and I’m glad that the air I feel, like, [is] cleared.”

Wow! Unusual to have such an open and honest convo between exes, particularly in such a public forum. We’re glad these two have settled their differences once again!

[Image via Jana Kramer/Instagram & Fayes Vision/WENN]

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