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Jane Fonda Regrets Not Having Sex With THIS Music Legend When She Had The Chance!

Jane Fonda Sex Regret Music Legend

Jane Fonda is an icon several times over, with an impressively wide-ranging career and a bona fide history of activism.

Of course, without diminishing her many incredible accomplishments, it’s also safe to say she was something of a sex symbol, too…

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In a new interview with the New York Times, journalist Maureen Dowd covered ALL these facets of Fonda and more as the actress promoted her new book, What Can I Do? The conversation spanned Fonda’s feelings on Donald Trump, TikTok, and Quentin Tarantino — and yes, they also got into her sex life, past and present.

In a “confirm or deny” segment strangely reminiscent of WWHL‘s “Plead The Fifth” — in sexy content at least — Dowd asked if Fonda’s greatest regret was really that she “never had sex with Che Guevara.” The Grace and Frankie star denied that, saying:

“I don’t think about him.”

That would be a tough one, what with having to see all the T-shirts at those many protests she attends… Instead she offered up who she actually regrets not sleeping with:

Marvin Gaye!

Specifically, she said of the legendary soul singer:

“Who I do think about, and what is a great regret is Marvin Gaye. He wanted to and I didn’t. I was married to Tom [Hayden]. I was meeting a lot of performers to try to do concerts for Tom and the woman who was helping me do that introduced me to Marvin Gaye.”

When asked if his pickup line “included the words ‘sexual healing,'” Fonda laughingly responded:

“I needed some, but he didn’t say that, no. But then I read, apparently he had my picture on his refrigerator. I didn’t find that out until later, after he was dead.”

Awww. Sad!

The Netflix star also weighed in on some classic Hollywood figures, like Katherine Hepburn (who advised her, “‘Don’t get soggy,’ meaning always confront your fears”). She called Marlon Brando “disappointing” but “a great actor,” though it’s unclear in what context Brando was disappointing. As a person we guess? Meanwhile, she said Marilyn Monroe “glowed” and cited Ava Gardner as the sexiest woman she ever met.

Man, someone should just put a microphone in front of Jane Fonda all day long, and let her tell Hollywood stories!

As far as her dating life goes these days, Fonda has famously said that she “closed up shop down there.” She told Dowd she has “no interest” in romance, content with her family, friends, and active professional life. She added:

“You know, just about every day I’ll be in the middle of something and think, I would never have had time to do this or read this if I was trying to keep a relationship good.”

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Luckily, she has a “drawer full of vibrators” sent by Grace and Frankie fans to keep her company. As far as actually using a vibrator sent by a fan, she joked, “Maybe I’d ask someone else to try it first.” That’s… not how that works, gurl.

The fact Jane Fonda is still the coolest woman in Hollywood at age 82 is truly amazing — and if her only regret is missing out on Marvin Gaye, well, that’s still a life very well lived!

[Image via WENN/Instar/Paramount/YouTube]

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