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Jason Kelce Getting Shirtless & Wild In Front Of Taylor Swift Almost Caused A Fight With His Wife Kylie!

Jason Kelce Getting Shirtless & Wild In Front Of Taylor Swift Almost Caused A Fight With His Wife Kylie!

Jason Kelce knows how to make an interesting first impression — whether his wife Kylie Kelce likes it or not!

Over the weekend, the couple attended the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium to show their support for Jason’s little bro. Even though Travis Kelce‘s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, was in attendance with them, Jason stole the show by screaming in celebration with his shirt off and a beer in hand, vaulting himself out of the VIP suite to join members of the Bills Mafia, and more! He went absolutely wild at the game!

While fans loved every second of his shirtless antics, Kylie, on the other hand, wasn’t too pleased about it – especially since he did all of this when they were meeting Taylor in person for the first time. In fact, it sounds like she got so upset over it the pair almost got into a fight! Yikes.

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Jason talked about the viral shirtless moment on the new episode of the New Heights podcast on Wednesday, explaining he wanted to get “the full experience” of being with the Buffalo Bills fandom:

“I wanted to take everything off and be out there with the fans. I don’t know if I’m wrong in my head, but I feel like taking your shirt off is a Buffalo Bills thing, right?”

Trav wholeheartedly agreed. However, Kylie wasn’t down for the 36-year-old Philadelphia Eagles player to join in on the hard-partying tradition. When Travis noted how he wanted more cameras on his sister-in-law’s reaction, Jason admitted:

“I don’t think she was happy about it, to be honest with you.”

Oof. But he did warn her about his plan to go shirtless beforehand! Jason said:

“I’m not gonna lie, I gave Kylie a heads-up. The moment we get into the suite I said, ‘I’m taking my shirt off and jumping out of that suite.’ And she said, ‘Jason don’t you dare.’ ‘I’m just letting you know, I’m not asking for permission. I’m doing this.”

Ha! According to Jason, though, Kylie wanted to make a good first impression!

“She already told me to be on my best behavior cause we were meeting Taylor, she’s like, ‘Do not! Be on your best behavior!'”

Considering there were rumors of them feuding earlier this month, all eyes would have been on the pop star and the Kelce family! So it’s no wonder the mom of three wanted to make sure things went smoothly that day! Jason apparently had other plans in mind! But he defended his actions, reminding Kylie about the not-so-great way they met years ago:

“I was like ‘Kylie, when I met you, the first day I met you I was black-out drunk and fell asleep at the bar. This is part of the charm. This is part of the Jason Kelce charm.’”

Bursting into laughter at his older brother’s excuse, Travis pointed out:

“[Your] best first impression is the worst impression ever.”

If that was his “worst impression,” things can only go up from here! LOLz! Fortunately, Kylie won’t have to worry about Taylor being annoyed over Jason’s game-day antics! Travis said the singer enjoyed every second of it!

“Tay said she absolutely loved you.”

We bet she kept saying his actions were “metal as hell” that day! Ha! Ultimately, Travis said this was “a moment that I’ll never forget” — although he only found out about what happened once the game ended:

“Dude, that picture is… I mean everybody’s saying put that thing in the Louvre. Honestly, I might get somebody to f**king make that portrait. That is epic.”

Travis has a new birthday gift idea for Jason AND a story to tell for years to come! Check out the podcast episode (below), with the Jason tailgating talk starting around the 48:00 mark:

It’s safe to say the first meeting between Kylie, Jason, and Taylor went well despite the center getting shirtless! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments.

[Image via Kansas City Chiefs/Twitter, New Heights/YouTube, MEGA/WENN]

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