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Jeffrey Epstein's 'Pedophile Island' Now For Sale -- But Who Will Get The $125 Million?!

Jeffrey Epstein Pedophile Island For Sale

It’s been nearly three years since the incredibly suspicious death of Jeffrey Epstein — and his largest property is finally up for sale.

Long before the billionaire pedophile supposedly took his own life in his prison cell after being arrested on sex trafficking charges, he was living it up with various famous friends on his two private islands. Now after his death those properties are the hottest potato in real estate.

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Little Saint James and Great Saint James, in the US Virgin Islands chain, are up for sale for — brace yourself — a mind-blowing $125 million!

That’s… a lot. But you know what? There are folks who could actually afford that: the Kardashians, George Clooney post-Casamigos, Jeff Bezos‘ ex-wife… and then of course plenty of oil tycoons, tech CEOs, etc we’ve never heard of.

It sure would be nice to own your own little island paradise (well, we say “little” but Great Saint James is 90 acres and Little Saint James is 70). But there’s a couple huge problems.

First off, with Little Saint James we’re talking about a place now more commonly known as Pedophile Island. Before his death Epstein was accused of trafficking dozens of very young women to the location to be sexually exploited by himself and various other powerful men — getting them under his thumb.

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We’re talking about some of the most vile individuals doing the most horrific things to these girls. The youngest reported was 11 years old. So a big question for a potential buyer is… how do you enjoy being there? We mean, there’s the ick factor with public opinion, that’s one thing. You couldn’t consistently entertain guests; there are going to be people who refuse to be seen setting foot on the damn place. Plus, do you really want to be known as the person who bought Pedophile Island?

Jeffrey Epstein Filthy Rich Netflix
The previously golden-domed structure seen from the air. / (c) Netflix

Besides the public perception, the place has to be full of bad energy. With so many awful things happening there? No way is it not cursed at this point…

But there’s another question to consider as well: who is benefiting off this sale?

Obviously Epstein himself won’t see any of the money personally. So where does it go? To his estate? To pay outstanding debts to people who were working for him, like his lawyers? That feels… pretty gross.

According to The NY Post, Epstein’s estate lawyer Daniel Weiner explained that most of the money will pay for the significant costs of the island’s day-to-day operations, as well as overdue taxes and liens placed on the properties by US Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George after his arrest. Much would also go toward “outstanding lawsuits” — which we are guessing means a lot would go to victims?? So that’s good, we guess…

The islands were apparently a pretty good investment. Epstein reportedly paid only $7.95 million for Little Saint James in 1998. Great Saint James he didn’t buy until 2016, shortly before his arrest, for $17.5 mil. Just a few years — and the addition of a library, a movie theater, and other amenities — later their estimated worth is actually more than the asking price, by quite a margin: $240 million! So at $125 mil they’re actually priced to move — like when a house had a murder in it and no one wants to buy.

Could YOU buy a place you knew was the setting for such horrors? Could you ever even visit??

[Image via Netflix/Florida Department of Law Enforcement.]

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