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Jenelle Evans Shares Pics Of First Day Of School -- With One Scary Guest!

Jenelle Evans David Eason Instagram Kids Photos First Day School

Things are apparently already back to normal for Jenelle Evans and her family.

After her ammo-hoarding hubby, David Eason, basically bragged about shooting the family’s French bulldog Nugget, the fam was almost torn apart.

Jenelle herself left, saying briefly the marriage was “up in the air” — but she came crawling back less than a week later. For the kids it was a little more complicated…

The story of the dogslaughter got around fast and eventually led to child protective services getting involved. The children were taken away, with agents testifying they were “terrified” of Eason.

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However, after some counseling (and something of a shell game with the truth about Nugget) the parents got their kids back.

They even got new dogs! Oof.

Well, now the Teen Mom stars — sorry, FORMER Teen Mom stars, as they got fired over the whole animal cruelty business — are being full-on functional parents.

Jenelle shared pics on Thursday of Kaiser (her 5-year-old son with Nathan Griffith) on his very first day of school, writing:

“#FirstDayOfSchool ??? These kiddos are getting so big, so fast! #BittersweetMoments #Motivated #SchoolDays”

Jenelle Evans Instagram son Kaiser first day of school
OMG don’t let the dog get too close to that child or David Eason might shoot it. (c) Jenelle Evans/Instagram

She proudly escorted her son in another pic (above), writing:

“At his new desk like a #BigBoy in #Kindergarten but he’s still #MommasBoy ???”


She also shared this one, because of course little Ensley, her 2-year-old with David, had to come along and see what she’ll be doing in a couple years:

Jenelle Evans kids Kaiser Ensley school
(c) Jenelle Evans/Instagram

Such a sweet memory.

And then there’s this one:

David Eason School Kids
David Eason with Kaiser on his first day back to school. / (c) Jenelle Evans/Instagram


They let him into a school. With not just his own children, but those of a lot of other parents.

Kinda sends a shiver up your spine, doesn’t it? It’s one thing for a judge to rule he gets his kids back even though they’re “terrified” of him — it’s another to let him around a whole building full.

What if one of the other kids were to have a disagreement with his, and it ticked him off?

If our kids went to that school we’d be complaining.

What do YOU think of these Norman Rockwell kindergarten pics? Is it just a public mask for an “evil f**king person,” as Jenelle’s mom Barbara claims??

Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Jenelle Evans/David Eason/Instagram.]

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