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Jenelle Evans Can't Keep Her Story Straight About Whether She Told Cops David Eason Shot Her Dog...

Jenelle Evans and David Eason might not be on Marriage Boot Camp

Jenelle Evans is adamant that she NEVER told the police about David Eason shooting the reality TV star’s French Bulldog, Nugget, back in May.
Only… when questioned about it a couple times and asked to confirm, she hedged in a recent interview — and walked back her initial claim, eventually conceding that she believes she did tell cops about the shooting. Wait, what?!
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The former Teen Mom star’s world was thrown into upheaval this past week, after she reportedly walked back her story about David allegedly shooting Nugget — and the local cops in North Carolina accused her of making the entire thing up for publicity.
Jenelle initially (and very vocally) denied the allegation that she made up the whole story for publicity, despite what cops had to say, but during a TMZ Live interview on Friday, while trying to clear up the confusion about the timetable surrounding the alleged shooting, things got even more complicated.
As you can see in the interview itself (watch HERE), Jenelle is initially adamant that she NEVER told cops about the shooting — but by the middle of the interview, when she’s grilled on it, she walks it back and confuses everyone even more. As we’ve been reporting, Jenelle thinks the whole thing is a big police conspiracy against her, which would be a hell of a way for a county sheriff’s office to spend their time, but… we digress.
There’s one more thing about that TMZ Live interview that didn’t make sense, too — Jenelle couldn’t remember what David said on the stand during the custody trial about whether or not he shot the dog. Ya know, when you resolve to just tell the truth, there’s less to remember… just saying!!!!
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Anyways, the biggest thing here is that Ensley and Kaiser are back at home with Jenelle and David, and that’s the only thing that matters, as far as Jenelle is concerned. Something tells us this is far from the last we’ve heard of the story (or non-story?) revolving around Nugget’s death (or… not death?), and for now we’re all summarily and completely confused… just like Jenelle! Ha!
Reactions, Perezcious readers?? What do U think about all this weird dog drama — or non-drama?? Sound OFF about all of it and more in the comment section (below)!!!
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