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Jenna Dewan Accuses Channing Tatum Of ‘Bullying & Gaslighting’! The Latest In Their Messy Battle!

Jenna Dewan Accuses Channing Tatum Of ‘Bullying’! The Latest In Their Messy Legal Battle!

So much for Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan not hating each other… because this definitely seems combative! She just accused him of bullying her!

The ongoing legal battle between the exes just took an accusatory turn. While the two may have split in 2018, their divorce still hasn’t been finalized six years later — largely because of a bitter feud over finances relating to the Magic Mike franchise. In short, the dispute is because Jenna wants separate trials to deal with that money she says she’s owed, but Channing just wants to be done with the legal dealings as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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In court documents filed last Thursday and obtained by Entertainment Tonight, The Lost City star opposed Jenna’s request for separate trials, arguing:

“Our divorce has been pending for over five years. In that time, I have made exhaustive efforts to settle all issues in this matter without litigation. I have made countless settlement proposals, attended multiple mediations, my attorneys have prepared numerous drafts of a proposed judgment, and I have tried to resolve issues directly with Petitioner. While we have resolved some issues, the most significant financial issues in the case remain unresolved because Petitioner continues to delay resolution and provides one reason after another for why this case cannot settle.”

He continued by blasting Jenna for “another delay tactic”:

“I believe that Petitioner’s RFO is another delay tactic to prolong resolution of our financial settlement. I request the Court deny Petitioner’s RFO and set trial dates on all issues in this matter.”

He also argued Jenna potentially asking for spousal support would not be “appropriate” given their marriage lasted less than a decade, they’ve already been separated for over five years, and that Jenna has moved on with fiancé Steve Kazee:

“Petitioner works, is able to contribute to her own support, and will receive one-half of the community property residuals and royalties and income from other investments. Petitioner will also have substantial investment income from the cash assets she has received in our divorce. Petitioner has already received millions of dollars in cash assets pursuant to our various stipulations. She will receive additional cash assets when the remainder of our estate is divided, and post separation accounting is finalized. There are not, nor have there ever been, any orders for temporary spousal support. Petitioner never formally requested spousal support from me, and I am not currently paying her spousal support. I believe Petitioner is now requesting spousal support from me to further delay our financial settlement.”

The White House Down star also denied claims he transferred assets into a trust without her knowledge, and called the allegation he “colluded with third-parties” false. As for the Magic Mike IP, he argued Jenna “has not contributed any efforts to enhance the Magic Mike intellectual property,” while he has grown the franchise beyond movies.

That’s the legalese. Here’s the real heat. In response, a rep for Jenna didn’t mince words while firing back at Channing:

“Is Channing really calling Jenna a ‘liar’ for trying to get back an asset that he effectively stole from her in clear violation of California family law? These latest smears and falsehoods are really just more of the same bullying and gaslighting Jenna has been subjected to for years.”

“Bullying and gaslighting”?? Yikes! The rep went on:

“Regardless of whether Channing chooses to do the right thing, Jenna is confident that the law and the facts are on her side and she hopes this will soon come to a proper and honest conclusion.”

This is messy, y’all!

What are your thoughts? Let us know down in the comments!

[Images via WIRED & Fox/YouTube]

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