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Channing Tatum's Divorce Is MESSIER THAN EVER! Jenna Dewan Says She Owns Half Of Magic Mike?!

Jenna Dewan & Channing Tatum's Divorce Is A MESS -- And It's All Because Of Magic Mike

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are nowhere near close to settling a massive dispute in their divorce! Man, it’s been so many years, too!

The 43-year-old former backup dancer filed to end their nine-year marriage in October 2018. A year later, the pair were declared legally single by a judge. Despite Channing and Jenna both having moved on and getting engaged to other people, their divorce has not been officially finalized yet! Why? It’s all because of Magic Mike! Here’s the deal…

Jenna and Channing have been battling in court over a financial settlement — and that includes profits from his franchise. As we previously reported, Jenna actually helped out with the films. Specifically, she introduced her ex-husband to several choreographers, including her pal Alison Faulk, before filming. Alison ended up choreographing all three movies AND the Magic Mike Live shows. The franchise became more successful than anything else Channing did, grossing millions of dollars, having live shows worldwide, and getting a reality show called Finding Magic Mike. With this in mind, Jenna understandably wants to make sure she gets her fair cut of the Mike empire’s profits!

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That’s caused a huge delay in finalizing their divorce since they can’t come to an agreement! Seems like Channing doesn’t want to give his ex such a big piece of his pie! OK, so now that you’re all caught up…

The legal battle is heating up this week as they want each other to testify in court! In documents obtained by People on Wednesday, Jenna submitted a “preliminary witness list,” which includes her and Channing. She wants the two of them to “testify regarding all issues related to the parties’ marriage including business and financial activities.” In the filing, the “key issues” they are fighting over include lawyer’s fees, division of property, reimbursement claims, support, and breach of fiduciary duty. However, none of those are her main concern at this time — she’s mainly focused on the Magic Mike money!

She notably brought up the issue over the intellectual property of the franchise, claiming in the documents the former couple actually acquired it together! Whoa! The Step Up actress said “characterization and division” of the Magic Mike IP needs to be figured out first since it “will impact the resolution of the other financial issues in this case.” Until they figure things out, she is unwilling to discuss the other matters. The reason they haven’t resolved the Magic Mike problem? Jenna fully blames Channing for the delay! She accused her former partner of refusing “to accept an equal division of the Magic Mike intellectual property.”

Well, it would be a huge financial loss to give up “an equal” part of the IP. That sounds a hell of a lot like HALF!

But that’s not all! The Rookie star further claimed Channing put all of the earnings into “an irrevocable trust” and transferred licensing rights to a third party without telling her! What makes this whole situation worse for Jenna? She alleges he never told her about other Magic Mike business opportunities and “collected one hundred percent of the profits” without her knowledge after their separation. In addition, he allegedly sold their interest in Saints and Sinners, LLC restaurant to a trust. To hide it from her??


It sounds like Jenna believes her ex did her dirty when it comes to their business! But Channing shut down her allegations in his own filing! According to People, The Lost City actor claimed he “has expended extensive efforts since separation towards the enhancement of the Magic Mike intellectual property and related entities, which Respondent contends give rise to his separate property interest therein.” In other words, he’s been hustling since they broke up — and he doesn’t think she should get half of any of that!

The documents continued:

“The Court will need to allocate the community interest and Respondent’s separate property interest in the intellectual property and related entities in consideration of Respondent’s post-separation efforts.”

This divorce has become so, so messy! Oof. In addition to Jenna and Channing testifying in court, his business manager Eric Fulton, as well as several of his employees, have been included on her witness list to speak about any “business and financial activities” throughout their marriage and after their separation. She specifically wants Eric to be asked about the financial details of the Magic Mike franchise and its “intellectual property.”

Other names have been included on the list to talk about the movie’s “business, creative, and financial activities.” The spiciest one Channing included? Jenna’s fiancé, Steve Kazee! Yeah, he’s dragging her new partner into the nasty fight! Steve is expected to testify about “his and Petitioner’s cohabitation, joint expenses and all related matters.” Channing also lists his business partners and Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh as his own witness.

Furthermore, Jenna submitted an exhibit list for the trial featuring documents like joint income tax returns, as well as anything related to the Tatum Family Irrevocable Trust, and the Magic Mike enterprise. Meanwhile, Channing included a bunch of financial documents, real estate appraisals, work calendars, and more. Their bank and credit card statements and documents regarding Clovis Spirit’s LLC and Saints and Sinners, LLC are also on the exhibit list. So it appears these two are leaving no stone unturned!

Jenna and Channing have a hearing set for Friday. We will see how the court battle turns out. But things seem like they are about to get very nasty between the former couple! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/Jennifer Hudson Show/Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube]

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