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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Files For Temporary Restraining Order Against Estranged Husband!

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Files For Temporary Restraining Order Against Estranged Husband Amid Divorce

These two went from lovey-dovey to Lifetime movie overnight, didn’t they?? And it’s getting worse than just a friend’s account… Gypsy Rose Blanchard has now filed for a temporary restraining order against Ryan Anderson!

According to People on Thursday, her attorneys filed the paperwork in the 17th Judicial District Court in the Parish of Lafourche, Louisiana. Further details about the reason she requested a restraining order were not available. However, a source claimed the reason she left Ryan last month was a disturbing incident that left her in fear for her safety!

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As we previously reported, her friend Nadiya Vizier claimed Gypsy locked herself in a bathroom at the former couple’s home one night to protect herself when she became scared of what her partner would do. The 32-year-old claimed to her pal that he then banged on the door demanding to be let inside and then “got in her face and screamed.” What started the fight? That’s never been determined — though Nadiya claimed Ryan had been very controlling and insecure about his wife.

Nevertheless, Gypsy was so terrified about her safety that she asked a family member to come get her. Nadiya explained:

“Gypsy said that she was afraid he was going to hit her. He didn’t — but that happened in the past with her mother. So, her first instinct was to tighten up and be prepared. But she got to safety and called her lawyer, too. Ryan is a big guy, and she told me it was really scary.”


Gypsy hasn’t spoken publicly about that alleged incident. But she did file for divorce from Ryan seemingly out of nowhere — and this is the only explanation we have at the moment. Well, almost…

She was seen right afterward with her ex-fiancé Ken Urker. They seem to be getting very close once again. We mean, the pair even got matching tattoos! He’s denied being romantically involved with Gypsy again, but most folks aren’t buying it — including Ryan. He even blames her “strong feelings” for Ken as to why their marriage is already over so quickly after her release from prison. Ryan hasn’t been too specific — but has teased everyone will see “what really happened” when the upcoming Lifetime docuseries Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup airs this summer. Hmm.

It’s safe to say this split has become very messy. And clearly, Gypsy is still worried about her safety as she filed for the TRO. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Gypsy Rose Blanchard/Facebook, ABC News/YouTube]

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