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Justin & Hailey Bieber 'Spending Time Apart' -- But Here's Why Divorce 'Is Not An Option'!

Justin & Hailey Bieber Are Indeed 'Going Through A Tough Time' -- Could Divorce Be On The Table??

Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey are rumored to be in struggle city right now. And if this new source can be believed, divorce is NOT an option for them — even as the duo is trying desperately to work through their strife!

Of course, we’ve long been covering the saga of the pop star and his Rhode Beauty mogul bride. Late last week, we reported on head-scratching source quotes via People claiming the duo is “doing really well.” At the time, that insider alleged:

“There’s no divorce and no truth to that whatsoever. They are very, very happy.”

But was that really true?? We were skeptical about it at the time for numerous reasons. And now, according to a new source via the US Sun, the “no divorce” part is true — but it sounds like things are actually really rocky on the homefront! Ugh!

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Late on Tuesday, that outlet published key new details from an insider who refuted the prior People claims from days ago. This new source said Justin and Hailey are indeed having a “tough time” in their marriage. However, divorce is not on the table at this point — and may never be. Regarding the couple who wed back in September 2018, the US Sun‘s mole revealed:

“Justin and Hailey are not separating but they have been going through a tough time. Divorce is not an option for them as it goes against their religious beliefs. They’re working on their marriage.”

They certainly wouldn’t be the first couple to stay together because divorce is against their religion. But how bad is it getting, really??

This new insider went on to explain that both Justin and Hailey are occasionally staying with other family members and friends in order to gain space and clarity amid their recent relationship adversities:

“Nobody’s moved out, but occasionally they are spending time apart by staying with family and friends, but they are really keen to stay together.”

Geez! “Nobody’s moved out, but” is not how you want a description of your marriage to start!

But the couple getting some time apart, the insider believes, might end up being a positive. They optimistically concluded:

“Sometimes space can be a good thing and it seems to be working for them at the minute as they figure things out.”

Wow. These are interesting quotes and portend an interesting development for a couple reasons. In addition to explicitly refuting previous claims about there being no trouble in paradise, this new source would seem to be refuting Hailey herself, too!

Think back to last month when the socialite popped up on her Instagram Stories and slammed “constant blind items” on TikTok that are “100% of the time wrong,” “made out of thin air,” and “come from the land of delusion.” In light of that clapback, we wonder what Hailey would have to say about this new report! (FYI, as of Wednesday morning, Hailey’s IG Stories feed is chock-full of Rhode promo content and has offered up no reaction to this new report… yet.)

Think back also to that abrupt and bizarre prayer request that Hailey’s dad Stephen Baldwin shared at the very end of February, too. Via his own social media accounts, Stephen urgently asked the public to pray for Jailey’s marriage. Hailey was reportedly pissed AF at her dad for posting that prayer, and he ended up deleting it, but fans obviously picked up on it. And now this new report REALLY makes us wonder about Stephen’s worrisome request. Oof.

All we can really do at this point is send love and light to Justin and Hailey as they work through whatever is going on. Hoping for the best for both of them! Thoughts, y’all??

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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