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Ben Affleck Wants Jennifer Lopez 'To Overhaul Her Career' -- Doesn't Like Her Team Or How 'Busy' She Is?! Even After Canceled Tour?

Ben Affleck Wants Jennifer Lopez ‘To Overhaul Her Career' -- Doesn't Like Her Team Or How 'Busy' She Is?!

Is Ben Affleck starting to get his way??

Ben and Jennifer Lopez have been facing divorce rumors for weeks now as they are taking time apart and no longer living together. While they’ve been seen together on rare occasions, it’s clear they’re working through potentially unfixable marriage issues.

On Friday, J.Lo shockingly canceled her upcoming tour to spend more time with her “children, family and close friends,” too. Not the best sign — but it’s sure inneresting considering one of Ben’s biggest problems with their relationship is reportedly her career!

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According to The US Sun‘s source on Friday, the couple’s inner circle saw “the writing on the wall” many months ago, particularly because the Good Will Hunting alum has been unhappy with their conflicting schedules. And frankly, he’s just NOT a fan of his wife’s latest work — most of which has flopped, too! The confidant explained:

“Ben feels Jen needs to overhaul her career and have a better team behind her.”

He thinks the Let’s Get Loud singer’s team are the ones helping to encourage all the “mediocre projects” she’s been getting involved in, the source continued:

“He has butted heads with some members for a while now and it’s caused tension behind the scenes. He just wants what’s best for her and feels she’s doing a lot of mediocre projects and is surrounded by yes people who are also sometimes making decisions for her. Jen is also often doing 50 things at once.”

Her busy schedule is a big deal considering the father of three is starting to cut back on his workload, they noted:

“Ben is not working as much by choice and she’s overworking — so their priorities are different.”

And it’s not like he doesn’t want her working at all. This isn’t a Harrison Butker homemaker situation! Ben just wants the Jenny from the Block vocalist to be more picky about her career opportunities, the insider elaborated:

“Even though she has been dedicated to her marriage and kids, she’s very busy. […] Ben supports her but he doesn’t want her to be disappointed when something doesn’t do well. […] When it comes to his own career, he wants to take on select projects that interest him. They are both trying to work out their issues, but it’s been a difficult few months.”


Unfortunately, the disappointment is seemingly far from over for the actress. The source confirmed that concerns over a rumored $90 million Las Vegas residency are true. MGM execs are allegedly worried about a possible deal because of the low ticket sales of her tour, which, as mentioned, was just completely scrapped. Seems like that deal might have just gone down the drain!

Because of the music setbacks, in particular, the source suggested:

“Her tour has sold poorly and her album has not done well, maybe Ben in this case is right and she needs to make some big changes.”

Interestingly, before canceling her tour, J.Lo told the Associated Press that she’s actually been working at “half” the speed she used to and “doing things that are really exciting” or “inspiring” to her, rather than “doing just everything.” So, basically, the complete opposite of what her husband thinks! Yeah, they def aren’t on the same page…

None of this bodes well for their future! If they have such different visions for their lives and careers, it’s going to be hard to work this out. Thoughts?? Do you think J.Lo is listening to Ben by canceling her tour? Or is something else going on? Sound OFF (below)!

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