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Bennifer From The Block: Re-Live J.Lo's Hottest Music Videos EVER!

Re-live the hottest music videos EVER made by Jennifer Lopez HERE!

Jennifer Lopez is a pop music icon in every way — and she’s showing NO signs of slowing down!

And in 2021, the now-52-year-old recording artist is turning back the clock a bit on her love life, settling in with Ben Affleck and making us all swoon over their affection for each other.

So that got us thinking: why don’t we turn back the clock on J.Lo’s amazing music career, too??

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From showing off her toned physique to rocking confidence as her #1 accessory at ALL times, Jenny From The Block has had some of the most amazing moments on camera! So let’s celebrate ’em a bit!

Below, take a look back at J.Lo’s hottest music videos EVER!!!

Waiting For Tonight

Waiting For Tonight is the iconic sexy J.Lo video and we’ll never be told differently!

This s**t SLAPS! It takes us all the way back to 1999 like few other videos can do, and the rainforest opening-turned-laser light show dance party has us GREEN with envy! LOLz!

On The Floor

Released in 2011 and featuring Pitbull, J.Lo’s On The Floor has a gritty visual aesthetic to it mixed with a little bit of Patty Smyth‘s ’80s classic The Warrior.

Of course our leading lady is beautiful AF, too, as tightly choreographed dancers do their thing in a nightclub setting. A classic J.Lo piece of work and a perfect continuation of so many good pop videos that came before it!


This video — in which J.Lo teams up with Iggy Azalea — opens up with a warning and a countdown! Both are completely necessary when it comes to letting the world know what’s in store, because these two scantily-clad queens drop it like it’s HOT for four straight minutes.

How do you like them apples, Ben?!

Jenny From The Block

In light of everything going on here in 2021 with Jen and Ben, how could we not include this video?!

It’s practically the couple’s freakin’ origin story, complete with yacht-riding booty touching and some clear physical and emotional chemistry! It was an instant classic when it came out, and it still is today!!

If You Had My Love

Oh, look, it’s another classic video from 1999! This one feels very tied to that time period, too, with the ancient desktop computer and the camera’s trip into cyberspace to open things up!

Once in the pre-Y2K digital world, though, J.Lo proves her sexy, talented dancing skills are as timeless as ever!

Dance Again

Ahh, this one answers the age-old question: what do you get when you mix Pit Bull, a wind machine, and a few dozen scantily-clad backup dancers?!

The answer: a whole lot of a resurgent J.Lo showing it off and belting it out!


So there’s a lot to say about J.Lo’s 2011 hit Papi and its accompanying music video here, but can we just note how the dude in the picture on her phone at the 17-second mark in this video looks a little like a younger (and tanned) Ben Affleck?!?! Just saying!!!

Cambia El Paso

This marks one of J.Lo’s most recent singles and videos, released in the summer of 2021, and can we just say our girl 1000% still has it!

Twenty years after her first round with Ben, he’s clearly hit the fountain of youth jackpot with his better half, because the now-52-year-old Lopez looks better than ever here!

Get Right

If the body and the booty weren’t sexy enough on their own, how about J.Lo’s acting chops?!

She tried her hand at acting out every part in this video, and nailed it! With a smokin’ dance routine on top of it all, too!

Love Don’t Cost A Thing

The classic!!!

If you don’t feel something watching this one, you’ll NEVER get J.Lo! Not much else we can say about this one!

Well there you have it, Perezcious readers! (And Ben! LOLz!) What’d U think?? What’s your favorite J.Lo video?? Did we miss anything you would’ve liked to have seen on this list?? Sound OFF with your thoughts on the bootylicious A-lister’s extensive body of work down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Jennifer Lopez/YouTube]

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