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ANOTHER Duggar Sister Distancing Herself From Jim Bob -- Because He Doesn’t Like That She Wears PANTS?!

Another Duggar Sister Distancing Herself From Jim Bob – Because He Doesn’t Like That She Wears PANTS?!

There’s more drama for the Duggars!

Jim Bob Duggar is struggling to connect with another one of his daughters.

Earlier this month, court documents were unsealed from a 2015 case involving several of the Duggar women. As Perezcious readers will recall, many of the sisters sued the city of Springdale and the police department for invasion of privacy after they released a police report that revealed Jim Bob confessing that his eldest son Josh Duggar had molested five young girls while they were asleep in the family home. Jill and Jessa later came forward as two of those victims. Together with their older sisters, Jinger and Joy-Anna, they filed a lawsuit claiming that the records becoming public caused “extreme mental anguish and emotional distress.” Not unsurprisingly (unfortunately), the case was dismissed when the judge felt the sisters couldn’t prove their claims.

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A bit ironically, details of that court case are yet again getting revealed. In the first batch of unsealed docs obtained by The Sun, we learned that Jill accused her father of being “verbally abusive,” and now Jinger’s torn relationship with 56-year-old is taking center stage!

On May 26, 2021, Jinger’s husband Jeremy Vuolo opened up about the strained relationship his wife has with her parents Jim Bob and Michelle — and for shocking reasons too! At one point in his deposition, he was asked via The Sun:

“Has there been more distance? And obviously, there’s more physical distance since you moved to California. Is there more emotional distance between Jinger and her parents than there was before you moved to California?”

He responded:

“There – perhaps. I think, though, diagnosing that would be difficult. I think as you grow and have your own family, kids, and life – you know, you go from, like, seeing everyone every day to talking to everyone every day to, you know.”

Things got more direct when he was met with this question:

“Have they ever expressed any opinions about any different convictions that you and your wife have versus their own?”

Agreeing to this statement, he explained:

“They’ve spoken to us about – what was it – I guess modesty is one. We’ve had a couple of conversations.”

The pastor was then asked if it was specifically the fact that “Jinger chooses to wear pants on occasion” that they didn’t like. Yes, pants! That’s what all this fuss is about! And Jeremey confirmed it! WOW! He was then asked:

“Is that the question of modesty that they talk to you about; pants versus skirts?”

To which the 34-year-old shared:

“In a way, yes. I mean, not that exact word. They just shared their – their thoughts on women wearing dresses, I guess. I remember Mrs. Duggar just sharing her own personal journey of modesty.”

Michelle might find Jinger’s attire too sexy, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Her parents just don’t like to see her rocking blue jeans, shorts, and the occasional short skirt. No wonder she’s trying to distance herself! And just for the record, the hubby made sure to insist that he doesn’t think Jinger’s style is “immodest” at all.

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Jinger also sat down for a talk of her own, and she opened up about how the devastating molestation case has affected her reputation and finances. In her deposition on September 20, 2021, she revealed that she makes most of her money from the now-canceled show Counting On, brand partnerships, and their book, The Hope We Hold. Explaining that she makes “more” than $100,000 but “less” than $200,000 for her work, most notably on social media, she shared:

“But now, that is a recurring theme from the molestation, all of those documents being released, they’re, like, we don’t want to be associated with all of what happened. And so we’ve had that happen to us and lost partnership deals.”

Jeremy also said he makes “nothing” as a preacher, especially in the “volunteer” position he had taken on. He believed their combined income was in the “$200,000 range.” He detailed:

“Jinger has taken more prerogative to do some of those paid partnerships. And I – I’m not certain, but I think that’s where the majority would come from. I think the show money has probably stayed relatively the same.”

While they took in a couple thousand per episode on the long-running TLC series, that’s no longer guaranteed income considering Josh’s ongoing child pornography trial has put the family in the hot seat once again. How interesting that his actions are still causing severe repercussions for all those attached to him…

Interestingly, Jinger and Jeremy were notably one of the families who did not attend Josh’s child porn trial earlier this year. They also didn’t attend any Mother’s Day festivities with Michelle earlier this month as they spend more of their time in California. So, they are making the distance very obvious for all to see. This family really seems to be breaking apart at the seams. Thoughts?

[Image via TLC/YouTube & Jinger Duggar/Instagram]

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