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John Cena Ruined His Brother's Wedding By Drunkenly Fighting His OTHER Brother!

John Cena got in a fight with one brother at his other brother's wedding!

When the Cena family fights, it’s safest for the rest of us to stand back and watch it unfold rather than get involved!

John Cena went on The Tonight Show on Wednesday and revealed to host Jimmy Fallon that one of his proudest family moments quickly turned into one of his most embarrassing ones — thanks to alcohol!

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The popular wrestler-turned-movie star recalled the time he thought it’d be a nice gift to cover the bar tab for his brother Matt‘s wedding, ensuring the entire party could drink for free all night. That is a very sweet gesture!

As the F9 actor explained it, though, there was one problem: he himself imbibed a bit too much and ended up fighting his other brother, Dan, in the middle of the dance floor during the party:

“I thought it would be a nice gesture to open the bar. Drinks are on me, that’s my gift to the bride and groom. Nobody would have to pay for anything. I found out it was a mistake when my brother Dan and I got into a fistfight in the middle of the dance floor and closed the wedding down.”


At least all the guests were treated to an incredible show, right?! Besides, as Cena quipped, it’s not like any of them were gonna stop it, anyways. Ha!

Ch-ch-check out Cena’s explanation of the crazy wedding (below), and get more info about his return to the WWE, too:


Probably better that he fights professionally again, in the wrestling ring, than get after it with another brother or two with the public possibly in danger.


[Image via The Tonight Show/YouTube]

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