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JoJo Siwa Says She 'Got Used For Views' Following Avery Cyrus Breakup! Whoa!

JoJo Siwa Says She 'Got Used For Views' After Avery Cyrus Breakup! Whoa!

JoJo Siwa isn’t happy about how things ended with now-ex-girlfriend Avery Cyrus!

As we’ve been reporting, the 19-year-old star split from the 22-year-old social media influencer days ago after the pair apparently decided they’d be better off as friends. But JoJo is unfortunately feeling some type of way about the whole thing… if this new post to Instagram is any indication! Oof!

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This new post-breakup revelation came out on Monday afternoon, and it didn’t even come out on the performer’s social media pages! It was momma Jessalynn Siwa who inadvertently dropped the bomb here.

In a video posted to Jessalynn’s Instagram Stories, JoJo can be seen pacing around anxiously in what appears to be some kind of hotel suite. The teenage dancer is clearly agitated and frustrated. The concerned mom asks why her daughter is so “mad,” and JoJo starts working out the reasons in the clip. A few seconds in, the Dance Moms alum explains what’s up to her 48-year-old momma:

“Because I got used for views. And for clout. And I got tricked into being told that I was loved and I got f**king played.”


The clip ended pretty quickly after that, after the elder Siwa offered a sad sigh of empathy. But that was it! Obviously, JoJo didn’t mention Avery by name! But still, the short statement spoke volumes. We all know what’s up!!

JoJo Siwa Says She 'Got Used For Views' After Avery Cyrus Breakup! Whoa!
JoJo revealed she wasn’t doing so well after her abrupt split from the TikTok star! / (c) Jessalynn Siwa/Instagram

Like we mentioned up top, back on Sunday, we reported on the demise of JoJo and Avery’s relationship. The Boomerang singer and the 22-year-old social media star had been together for three months after going public with their connection back in mid-September. But that ended this weekend when the ex-pair confirmed they were going their separate ways.

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In a video posted to TikTok on the matter, Avery previously attempted to lay out her side of things. When a fan asked why she split from the Dance Moms vet, she explained:

“We decided that we are better off as friends! We are both so young and still just trying to figure our stuff out!’

Which is totally fair. They are both very young!

But by Monday, Avery returned to TikTok with a new video revealing a planned Europe vacation with ex-girlfriend Sophia Mosca. She claimed the ex-pair booked the “non-refundable” trip months ago. Thus, they weren’t able to cancel the outing and were stuck going together. Girl tried to downplay the rebound angle, too, as you can see (below):


What are the odds she k!lls me on this trip ???? . . And before y’all get any ideas we are just friends, and no she’s not taking me back.

♬ stream NFR by lana del rey – charlie ????


She definitely tried to provide more context on it there, but, like, come on! It’s no wonder JoJo feels a little miffed by the breakup. In some sense, she’s been replaced right away. Ya know?!

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By the way, judging by time stamps, Jessalynn’s new vid of JoJo pacing popped up about an hour after Avery revealed the European ex getaway. So that’s something! What do U make of this breakup brouhaha, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF about it with your take down in the comments (below)…

[Image via The Tonight Show/YouTube/Avery Cyrus/TikTok]

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