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Unexpected Celebrity Feud Alert! Lil Tay Is Calling Out JoJo Siwa Over Competing New Singles!!

Unexpected Celebrity Feud Alert! Lil Tay Is Calling Out JoJo Siwa Over Competing New Singles!!

Well, we certainly didn’t expect to wake up this morning and see THIS feud happening on social media! LOLz!

For the past few days, Lil Tay has been going off on X (Twitter) and calling out… uh… JoJo Siwa?! Yes, really! Of course, y’all remember Lil Tay and her wacky and strange ride to becoming social media famous infamous. Well, now she’s taking aim at a start much bigger than her! But it ain’t going so well?!

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First, let’s go back to the beginning on this one. This drama actually started late last week, on Friday, when Tay took to X to react to a not-so-nice fan comment about her SUCKER 4 GREEN music video. As you can see (below), the fan purposely mis-identified Tay as the Dance Moms alum and called out the music video’s aesthetics and choreography. But Tay wasn’t having it!! The 16-year-old viral star didn’t slam the fan for the comparison, either. She slammed JoJo!! Tay wrote:

“Wish I didn’t just find out who that is [JoJo Siwa]. I wrote SUCKER 4 GREEN myself. Didn’t buy the song or hire a ghostwriter. Please don’t mention me & her in the same sentence.”


Shots. Fired. And from there, it was on!! The next moment in the drama appears to have happened over the weekend — and in very subtle fashion. After Tay lobbed that first volley at JoJo, a screenshot of a tweet (below) seemed to indicate that Siwa fired right back with a very discreet but very purposeful “like.” JoJo appears to have hit the heart button on this fan message defending her from Lil Tay’s online onslaught:

“There’s really no comparison between Jojo and #LilTay anyway. #JojoSiwa has a career. Lil Tay is just a meme, and a pathetic one at that.”


Now, to be fair, it’s not totally clear if the “like” in that screenshot is legit. If you go to JoJo’s X account right now (Wednesday morning), her page doesn’t have any likes on it! None at all! But according to Tay, that’s because Siwa purposely unliked the tweet after getting called out for it!! In response to the developing drama, on Tuesday afternoon, Tay tagged JoJo in a follow-up message and went HARD after her with accusations of deleting likes and gaming the music biz tracking system:

“You’re a scary ass bitch if you have something too say about me, say it & this time DON’T delete your comment or unlike shady tweets! Don’t let those paid YouTube views and botted Spotify streams get to your head Madonna from dollar tree ass bitch.”

Holy s**t! Say what you will about Lil Tay — and there is plenty to say — but “Madonna from dollar tree” is a brutal insult! LOLz!

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FYI, Lil Tay isn’t just spraying random fire all over the place here. Her comments about paid YT views and botted Spotify streams are coming around for a couple reasons. For one, JoJo’s new single Karma has taken over both platforms with numbers since its debut last week. So, clearly, Tay is seriously skeptical about that.

She’s also alluding to a controversy JoJo just found herself in with Karma, as well. More than a decade ago, the single was written for and pitched to a singer named Brit Smith. She recorded it, but it went unreleased — until it surfaced online after JoJo’s version of Karma came out (Brit has since released it and it’s beating out JoJo’s ‘s version on the charts, LOLz).

Siwa has said there was no controversy; she was pitched the song by producers, she recorded it above board. But clearly, Tay is pissed over the gamesmanship going on behind the scenes in the biz. Especially since Tay wrote her own lyrics! Jo even alluded at times that she wrote Karma, but she obviously did not.

Anyways, you can ch-ch-check out both of their respective music videos (below) and determine for yourself which one is more appealing:

Thoughts, y’all?? Reactions to this feud?! Share ’em in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Lil Tay/YouTube/JoJo Siwa/YouTube]

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