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Jon Gosselin Is Now Beefing With CEO Of His Daughter's Beauty Line!

Jon Gosselin Is Now Beefing With CEO Of His Daughter's Beauty Line!

Jon Gosselin is getting called out by the CEO of his daughter’s beauty brand!

If you hadn’t heard, the ex-reality TV star’s daughter Hannah Gosselin launched Gosselin Girl Beauty back in May. And while the 18-year-old is apparently hitting the right notes with her personal participation in the biz so far, it sounds like her dad is not doing as well.

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That’s what Diane Simon claims, at least. Diane is the CEO of the Gosselin Girl brand, and she’s got a LOT to say about how Jon has allegedly been “difficult” to work with thus far. Simon, who also runs Bling Boss, spoke to The Sun about the difficult dynamic with Jon. Simon started optimistically, claiming Hannah has shown early promise:

“Hannah had such potential. I thought it would be fun for us to launch her and make her a big star with a good brand.”

However, the longtime beauty exec has been “extremely unhappy” all the same. That’s because, according to her, Jon has “tried to interfere” with his daughter’s business.

Diane alleged Jon “doesn’t have any regard” for his daughter’s needs or future goals:

“What upset me was when I did the launch interview with Hannah, Jon spoke poorly of Kate. I was not expecting it. It created enormous issues for us. It’s not something to do. I feel so bad for the kid. She’s such a nice girl. I’ve witnessed some concerning behavior from him and I became frustrated. Just the dynamic on how he operates with Hannah. … He doesn’t have any regard for Hannah’s best interest.”


What is that “concerning behavior” then??

Simon also claimed Jon has been “interfering” with biz issues and forcing the cancellation of some events. The CEO explained her regrets over how Gosselin Girl has been since its launch:

“The line is doing very well, but it’s not doing as well as it’s supposed to. He’s been interfering. The loser has been Hannah. We’ve had to cancel a lot of the amazing events to launch her. It’s not where we’re supposed to be right now. We are disappointed on how we had to handle the business because of his behavior.”


Diane says she’s “still on contract” with the young company even while putting these concerns out in public. The company sells beauty serums, bath bombs, and more. How much longer will she be there after all this, though?

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Simon has a history with Jon beyond Hannah’s brand, too. She worked with him in the past on a charity project for the Red Cross, she explained. And she claims he allegedly had money issues at that point!!

Diane doesn’t go deep into specifics on the alleged non-profit project financial problems, but she did use her interview with the outlet to voice her support for his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin. The exec said:

“I had financial issues with Jon. That’s why I wanted to make a statement. When I saw what was going on between them and Kate, I wanted to say something and show my support for Kate.”


But wait! Jon has already hit back!! On Friday morning, a rep for the reality TV veteran released a response to the news outlet that criticized Simon’s public commentary:

“This seems to be a sad attempt at getting her 15 minutes of fame at Jon and Hannah’s expense and it’s incredibly disappointing.”

The statement went on to speak specifically about both the Red Cross charity project and Diane’s claims about issues with Hannah’s company:

“Unfortunately, we never saw any follow through with the Red Cross Charity project that Jon was originally hired for and was excited about. She also never followed through with Hannah’s company. We suggest that Diane focus on the cause and use Jon’s work for the charity in which it was filmed, and worry less about getting her name out there.”

And Jon has others in his corner, too.

Celeb attorney Stephanie Ovadia, who represents the TV star-turned-DJ, released a statement about the dad of eight:

“It’s unfortunate that she has taken aim at Jon and Hannah when Jon was trying to help a wonderful charity, The Red Cross. I am in touch with her attorney.”

Oh s**t! Will there be legal action coming from Simon’s statements, like Ovadia alludes to here?! What do y’all make of this latest installment in the Gosselin line of drama, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Jon Gosselin/Instagram]

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