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Jon Gosselin Hasn’t Spoken To Ex Kate & Estranged Kids In HOW LONG?!

Jon Gosselin Reveals He Hasn’t Spoken To Ex Kate & Estranged Kids In A Decade

Where does Jon Gosselin stand with Kate Gosselin and his kids today? He’s finally giving some specific answers to fans’ burning questions — and let’s just say, things with the family may be even icier than we thought!

Years after the couple’s divorce, there has been a huge divide in the Gosselins. Collin has no relationship with his mom Kate or siblings Aaden, Joel, Leah, Alexis, Cara, and Mady. He and Hannah moved in with their dad following his treatment at a behavioral institution. In the ViceTV documentary Jon & Kate Plus 8: Family Circus, Collin made shocking allegations about Kate, including a claim that she sent him away at 12 when he began telling people she was “abusive” toward him. Kate and Mady denied the allegations and insisted he had been the one with “unpredictable behavior & violent tendencies.”

Since the institutionalization drama, Kate and the other children have cut all ties with Collin. Hannah revealed in the doc:

“They don’t talk to Collin. They decided to not have a relationship with him.”

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Hannah has finally taken steps to reconnect with her siblings and Kate this year. But what about Jon? What has his relationship been like with the kids over the years? According to the 46-year-old former reality star, it’s been… well, non-existent. He says he hasn’t spoken to some of them in OVER A DECADE!

Jon told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday:

“I haven’t talked to Mady and Cara for, oh I don’t even know, over a decade. And then I haven’t talked to Joel, Aaden, Leah and Alexis for five years.”

WHOA! What a long time to not be in contact with your own kids…

As for whether he plans on reconciling with any of them soon? Jon said the ball is in their court:

“At this point, they’re adults now. So, I mean, I don’t even know their phone numbers or stuff. Hannah went down there and talked to them … I’ve kind of just stuck with the kids that live here.”

However, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum made it clear he has tried to reach out and extend an olive branch to Cara, Mady, Aaden, Alexis, Joel, and Leah — but his efforts were ignored:

“I’ve tried to reach out to them and it has failed numerous times.”

Although Jon may want to see his other six children, the situation is complicated at this time. He explained the beef between him and Kate has done too much to “alienate” him from the kiddos:

“So until my other kids figure that out … [and] stop believing in one side of the story, I can’t do anything else.”

As for his relationship with his ex-wife? Well, you most likely know the answer to that one! Jon said to ET they still aren’t on better terms — and in fact haven’t spoken in FIVE YEARS:

“I don’t talk to Kate. I haven’t heard her voice since 2018.”

We cannot say we’re shocked by the exes’ lack of communication — but not speaking to some of his kids for more than ten years? That is pretty bad. Clearly, this family feud has become very nasty. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Entertainment Tonight/YouTube, Kate Gosselin/Instagram, TLC/YouTube]

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