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Kate Gosselin Claims ‘Very Troubled’ Collin Has ‘Unpredictable Behavior & Violent Tendencies’

Kate Gosselin speaks out on Jon and Collin Gosselin claims

Kate Gosselin has broken her silence!

As Perezcious readers know, the 48-year-old television personality rose to fame with Jon Gosselin and their eight children on the TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8. But in recent years, the family has been divided – with Hannah and Collin living with their father and the rest of the kids residing with Kate. Collin and Hannah now have no relationship with their mother and other siblings, Aaden, Joel, Leah, Alexis, Cara, and Mady. The reason?

Their estrangement started when Collin was institutionalized at the Fairmont Behavioral Health Institute at the age of 12 for behavioral issues. At the time, Kate said her son had “special needs.” But Collin and Jon have since come forward saying that wasn’t the case. The 19-year-old claimed in an episode of VICE TV’s episode Dark Side of the 2000s series that he was only institutionalized when he started telling others about the abuse he allegedly suffered at the hands of Kate. He said:

“I was starting to tell my teachers that my mother was — wait, real quick. Can I use the word ‘abusive’ or are they not allowed to use that on air?”

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When the producer asked if Collin was suggesting his mom was abusive, he replied:

“Well, yeah. That’s kind of the reason why she sent me away. I was starting to tell people what was going on at home, and she caught wind of that and had to put me somewhere where I wouldn’t be able to get the secrets out.”

Collin also accused Kate of cutting him off from the rest of the family:

“Being in an institution, it took a toll on me mentally. It was a really, really dark place. All I had was myself. I didn’t have anybody else. I had no support system. It was scary. I was confused, I was lost.”

Meanwhile, Jon shared he had no idea what was happening to Collin during that time since Kate had full custody of their children. But once the 46-year-old realized where his son was, he allegedly spent $1 million to take him out of the treatment center. He previously noted in 2019 that Collin was never diagnosed with any medical condition other than ADHD.

It’s been a very nasty situation with this family! While the other family members have remained silent on the allegations, Mady defended her loved ones and spoke out about their estrangement from Collin earlier this week. And she dropped some bombshell allegations, accusing him of “physical violence and hate speech.” And now, Kate is backing her daughter’s story and sharing more insight into Collin’s institutionalization.

In a lengthy statement to People on Friday, the reality star alleged the teen “has received multiple psychiatric diagnoses” and received treatment over the years due to his “unpredictable and violent behavior.” She said:

“I have never wanted to have to do this, but I feel I have been backed into a corner and left with no choice. Although it saddens me to do so, I need to speak out now. My son Collin, whom I love with all my heart, has received multiple psychiatric diagnoses over the years.”

Eventually, Kate claimed doctors suggested Collin needed to be institutionalized for the “safety” of the family after he used a weapon during an outburst in 2016:

“For the safety of myself, his brothers and sisters and for his own well-being, he was placed in a facility following years of outpatient treatment which proved insufficient for his needs. The decision to admit him was made by emergency room doctors following one of his many attacks/outbursts — this one involving his use of a weapon.”

Years later, she claimed his alleged aggressive behavior has not stopped:

“Fast forward to the present day, and following Jon’s removal of Collin from treatment, my son’s unpredictable and violent behavior has sadly continued regularly towards Jon, Hannah and others around him. Collin’s distorted perception of reality is one of the many issues that he has always struggled with.”

Kate continued to deny any wrongdoing, saying:

“As many people who have family members grappling with mental health issues can attest, it is rarely and sadly surprising when complete fabrications occur, and this is just another heartbreaking facet of this fight. All parent-child relationships are complex, but when mental illness is involved, it is incredibly complicated and painful, let alone easy for others on the outside to understand. All measures that were taken in our home were at the explicit recommendation of his pediatric psychiatrist and/or his team of specialists and were put into place to safeguard every member of our family, our friends as well as our family pets.”

Despite still loving Collin “with all [her] heart, she feels he’s ultimately a “very troubled young man” and decided not to have relationship with him anymore:

“Unfortunately, I believe Collin remains a very troubled young man who continues to need a lot of help. His brothers and sisters and I have not been directly involved in his life due to his history of unpredictable behavior and violent tendencies towards us. What his sister Mady posted on social media recently is completely accurate and I deeply appreciate her bravery in doing so. This is all I have to say on the matter and I will not be discussing this subject any further at this time.”


But Jon has denied the allegations made by Kate! He told People in response to her statement:

“Regarding these brand new false accusations, it seems clear that even today after not seeing her son since the 6th grade, Kate is unable to control her abusive words towards him. At this point Collin is training to be a Marine in order to serve his country and is unable to respond to his mother’s callus lies.”

Well, this story continues to conflicts with what Collin has said in the past about his messy family situation. Reactions to the latest? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via TLC/YouTube, Entertainment Tonight/YouTube, Jon Gosselin/Instagram]

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