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Jon Hamm Talks Kinks, D**k Pics, & His OWN Nickname For 'The Hammaconda'!

Jon Hamm Nicknames His Manhood After Andy Cohen Tells Him About The 'Hammaconda'!

Jon Hamm really let loose for Andy Cohen!

The actor’s time on Watch What Happens Live has already been buzzworthy thanks to his surprisingy stellar impersonation of James Kennedy alongside his Mad Men co-star John Slattery (as Tom Sandoval). But there’s lots more to get into from his wild time on the late-night TV show!

During the talk show’s popular segment “Pillow Talk” on Tuesday night, Andy asked the Top Gun: Maverick star lots of questions about his sex life — and he didn’t hold back whatsoever! From d**k pics to his favorite kinks, he spilled all the tea! It’s a really rare treat from Hamm, who has in the past been very private about all things sexual. Not this night tho!

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To kick things off, the Bravo personality wondered if the 52-year-old or one of his lovers had ever nicknamed his peen, to which he replied:

“Not that I know of.”

The host then informed the star of the popular nickname for his manhood on the internet, revealing it’s called the “Hammaconda.” This was news to Jon who laughed before quipping:

“If I had to give it a nickname, I’d call it Marvin Douglas.”

Like the jewelry designer? LOLz! Think we like Hammaconda better! Andy, on the other hand, was digging the nickname, he expressed:

“I love it! Making something not considered sexy, sexy!”

Elsewhere, the Baby Driver alum was asked when the last time he sent a “d**k pic” was, and you’ll be surprised to know his answer! He said:

“The 12th of never. The internet does that for me.”

Hah! He went on to confirm he prefers to be the “little spoon” when cuddling (aw!) and that he’s really up for anything when it comes to “kinks”! He dished:

“Yeah, all of it. I like feet, handcuffs, and food. Why not?”

He’s a free spirit in the bedroom! Lucky for his soon-to-be-wife, Anna Osceola!

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Hamm is currently engaged to the actress, who he linked up with in 2020, years after they met on the set of the final episode of Mad Men in 2015. Anna played a secretary at the retreat where Hamm’s character, Don Draper, ends up. He recently opened up about the couple’s upcoming nuptials, telling ET:

“I’m getting married in a couple of weeks. So I’ve got that on my radar.”

Exciting! He was previously in an 18-year relationship with actress-director Jennifer Westfeldt, but they broke up in 2015. So he’s had lots of time to work on himself and prepare for this next chapter of his love life! Check out his revealing chat on WWHL (below)!

Reactions?! Let us know what you think of this manhood nickname (below)!

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