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Queer Eye Bombshell Exposé! Jonathan Van Ness Is A 'Monster' Whose 'Rage Issues' Scare Everyone?!

Queer Eye Bombshell Expose! Jonathan Van Ness A 'Monster' Whose 'Rage Issues' Scare Everyone?!

There’s yet ANOTHER Queer Eye controversy unfolding!

After revelations that Bobby Berk (who just decided to leave the show) and Tan France have been beefing, several sources are now speaking out about what a “monster” Jonathan Van Ness is! Oh no!

In a bombshell Rolling Stone report out on Tuesday, the hairstylist was accused of having huge “rage issues” that caused Queer Eye co-workers to live in “fear” due to frequent outbursts. Yikes! One source who worked with the Netflix personality, who is non-binary and uses they/he/she pronouns, claimed:

“[There’s] a real emotion of fear around them when they get angry. […] It’s almost like a cartoon where it oozes out of them. It’s intense and scary.”

Jeez! It’s always the ones with the squeaky clean, positive personas that have a dark side, isn’t it? Sigh.

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The insider went on to detail the claims a bit more, explaining that the 36-year-old beauty guru is “a yeller” who would have a screaming match at least “once a week.” Other sources called JVN a “monster,” a “nightmare,” and “demeaning.” Big oof! There were at least three people who felt the reality star was emotionally “abusive” and had “rage issues,” per the exposé. And even other cast members (as well as crew) were reportedly among the group of those who had dealt with Jonathan’s wrath.

The issues are a bit of an open secret on the production, too. Problems on set got so bad Netflix execs sat down with the Getting Curious podcast host at least once about their alleged misconduct, but nothing came of the meeting. A source complained:

“There’s no accountability at all.”

Because of this, the environment on the self-help show has grown tense AF! They added:

“When he comes on set, everything changes if he’s in a bad mood. Working with him is very difficult in any capacity.”

Another insider said of the group’s dynamic:

“How is it not obvious to everybody that none of these people are friends? None of them. They don’t hang out socially. They live very different lives.”

As referenced, fans have been shocked to discover Bobby and Tan are feuding, but issues among the group have been obvious long before then. Take, for example, the fact JVN, Bobby, and Karamo Brown weren’t invited to Antoni Porowski‘s bachelor party last year. Just goes to show they’ve never been too close off-camera. But, TBH, we’d never have guessed JVN would be the source of so much drama! That said, a production insider doubled down:

“There was absolutely tension between everybody else, especially from Jonathan Van Ness.”

Shockingly, the Over the Top author allegedly has been a menace to work with because they don’t want to share the spotlight — even though they were one of the biggest breakout stars of the rebooted series! The insider continued:

“He didn’t want to ever share the spotlight with anyone. There were times when we couldn’t even shoot scenes with certain members of the Fab Five together because it got so bad.”

Another person mused:

“As much good as he wants to do in the world, I think a lot of it is very hypocritical. […] There’s a definite contrast between the principles and the values that Jonathan stands for publicly. They’re really centered around having this warmth, love, and care for other people.”

They continued:

“There’s a real contrast between that and the way that they treat the people who are closest to them across the board. It’s the opposite of what this person is touted and paid to be.”

But another insider tried to stick up for the TV star, noting there are many sides to Van Ness, including a capacity to be “very warm, very charismatic” and having the ability to make someone “feel really special.” But, unfortunately, his alleged ickier tendencies seem to outweigh the good:

“But at least once a day, they would need to yell at somebody. It might be something small, but there’s always going to be somebody to point out and blame and make the villain of the day.”

Once a day?? Not okay!!

And it’s wild to think the streamer is nonchalantly replacing Bobby when it sounds like JVN is causing WAY more turmoil on set. Damn!

For such a beloved and wholesome show, it’s really been a secret s**t show behind the scenes. Such a bummer! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below)!

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