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Tan France Allegedly Got Bobby Berk FIRED From Queer Eye By Complaining To Netflix!

Tan France Allegedly Got Bobby Berk FIRED From Queer Eye By Complaining To Netflix!

Wait, Bobby Berk got pushed out of Queer Eye… by Tan France?!

Months after the interior designer announced his departure from the popular Netflix show, fans have been trying to piece together exactly what happened. In January, he confirmed there was some sort of feud with co-star Tan, but left things kind of vague — opening the door up to lots of speculation. But if an anonymous source is to be believed, we may now have clear answers.

During Thursday’s episode of the Deux U podcast, someone, whose identity remained anon, sent in a tip about what exactly went down — and it’s not a good look for Tan:

“Tan was absolutely the catalyst that started the drama that led to Bobby leaving. Tan, on multiple occasions, made complaints to Netflix and [executive producer] Jenn Levy that he hated when Bobby embraced being the hardest worker on the show. Most recently, it was over a reel that Bobby posted making fun of himself for not being on the show as much. Tan caused quite a big stink about it, but no one here thought it was a big deal and was not only true, but funny.”

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Sooo, what? Tan was upset at the idea of someone working harder than him?? The source continued:

“Apparently, after he started telling Jen and Bela, who he is good friends with, that he didn’t want Bobby to come back and got Antoni [Porowski] to do the same, they said they wouldn’t return if Bobby did.”

Wowww, Antoni! That’s all it took to turn on a castmate??

The ‘Bela” in question sounds like she could possibly be Bela Bajaria — the Chief Content Creator at Netflix.

The self-reported insider added:

“I will add, though, that both [Jonathan Van Ness] and Karamo [Brown] fought for Bobby and were not happy with the other two. That whole situation escalated and finally, Bobby’s team said he was over the drama and not to worry about him coming back, because he had no desire to.”

Messed up! But at least it sounds like JVN and Karamo had his back.

As for why Tan wanted Bobby out, though, the tipster dished:

“Many of us now believe it had to do with trying to do with pushing Bobby out so Tan’s friend Jeremiah Brent could get the job. We all started thinking this after we saw Nate [Berkus] and Jeremiah spend the holidays at Tan’s house in Salt Lake [City], and then low and behold Jeremiah was cast for Bobby’s job. According to Netflix staff at casting, no one at ITV, Netflix, or Scout, except [executive producer] David Collins, wanted Jeremiah, and he’s only getting the job because Tan and Antoni demanded he get it and said they wouldn’t work with anyone else.”

Whoa… The source concluded:

“From what we’ve seen over the years, Tan is the one behind the scenes pulling the strings with the executives Jen and Bela, that he sucks up to to get what he wants for his other Netflix gigs at the expense of his castmates’ pay and now jobs.”

That is MESSED UP!

The insider’s identity, and therefore credibility, could not be confirmed, but a lot of specific names sure were named… Listed for yourself (below):

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[Images via Netflix, Jennifer Hudson Show, & Architectural Digest/YouTube]

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