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NBA Star JR Smith Beats Alleged Car Vandal In CRAZY Viral Video Captured At LA Protests!

JR Smith goes viral for video beatdown of protester who smashed his car window!

This is wild!

NBA star JR Smith was in Los Angeles this weekend, right around the area where extensive police brutality protests took place in the Mid-City section of the iconic metropolis. And when a rogue protester allegedly smashed Smith’s car window for no real reason, the basketball star went OFF on him, delivering a violent brand of immediate justice…

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Smith — a strong, hulking professional athlete who is 6’6″ and 225 pounds, by the way — unleashed what’s being described as “a barrage of violent kicks” on the man in question after he was caught allegedly smashing the star’s car window. It’s unclear whether the man had any connection to the non-violent day-time protests that took place in LA over the weekend, but clearly he was instigating trouble with unnecessary property damage by the time he came across the hooper.

Here’s the (violent!) video of the incident (below):


Later, in another video explaining his emotionally-charged attack, the talented athlete didn’t mince words when talking about the incident, explaining to the camera:

“One of these motherfu**king white boys didn’t know where he was going and broke my f**king window in my truck. Broke my sh*t. This is a residential area. There are no stores over here. None of that s**t.”

Yeah… no kidding!!

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Obviously frustrated by the fact that his car was damaged — especially when it wasn’t even near any of the shopping districts or stores that saw the brunt of the looting damage — the longtime Denver Nuggets and Cleveland Cavaliers star continued talking:

“When the footage comes out and you all see it, I chased him down and whooped his ass. He broke my window. This ain’t no hate crime, I ain’t got no problem with nobody. Nobody ain’t got no problem with me. It’s a problem with the mother f**king system. That’s it. He didn’t know whose window he broke.”

Simply put!!!

Here’s the full post-incident video from the basketball star, explaining his actions and the fallout from the crazy weekend across Los Angeles:


By now, smart people would seem to want to steer clear of JR Smith when looking for a fight. Basketball fans will never forget his infamous Madison Square Garden beatdown of several New York Knicks players when he was a member of the Nuggets way back in late December 2006. And now, 14 years later, this happens. Something tells us the guy’s still got it!

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Jokes aside, the Smith story comes on the outskirts of the much larger issue here: massive (mostly non-violent!) protests around Los Angeles and in dozens of other cities across the country, as Americans react to George Floyd‘s unnecessary death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers a week ago. We can only hope the worst of the looting is now behind us. And we can really hope that this will show politicians and law enforcement officials they must change the way they police black and brown communities. Here’s hoping…

Reactions to JR Smith’s crazy video here, Perezcious readers?? Sound off with your take in the comments (below)…

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