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Kanye West's Presidential Campaign Is Up To Some More Shady S**t!

Kanye West's presidential campaign is up to some shady s**t once again!

Kanye West‘s presidential campaign continues to spend millions of dollars just to try to (belatedly) get his name on the ballot in more states — and the rapper’s campaign appears to have more concerning ties directly to people who work for Donald Trump. Hmm…

According to TMZ, the Jesus Walks rapper has tallied up just under $6 million in disbursements to help the campaign move forward. Most of that money is going to groups dedicated to getting his name on the ballot everywhere from Ohio and Indiana, to Illinois, and Colorado. But when you dig a little deeper, it’s the ties to Trump that may bind this big-time star!

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Between the months of July and August, Yeezy paid more than $4 million to several companies dedicated to “ballot access services,” which is fancy talk for firms that help someone QUICKLY get on the voting ballot. Three main companies are behind the ballot access according to Kanye’s Federal Election Commission findings — and yes, all three companies are headed up by guys who either used to work directly for Trump’s campaign or tried to do so, with no success. Makes you think about Kanye’s team and its political motives, doesn’t it?!

The outlet suggests the presence of all three Trump-affiliated ballot access companies strongly makes it seem as though the Republican Party (and/or Trump loyalists… but we repeat ourselves) has infiltrated the Chicago native’s campaign. In turn, then, this sure makes it look like a protest campaign designed specifically to siphon off the black vote from Democrat Joe Biden than a serious charge as a third-party candidate running for the White House.

So much for Kanye being so independent and having such good ideas for the country moving forward! ***rolls eyes*** He’s being used by Republicans!!! And not even very shrewdly, at that!

BTW, Yeezy has officially added Kentucky and Mississippi to the list too. He filed signatures in each state on Friday, though it’ll take a few days to certify the signatures and determine whether Kanye can legally appear on the ballot. As we’ve previously reported, he’s had some challenges with certifying signatures and successfully getting ballot access in the recent past, so, maybe don’t hold your breath on this one until (if) it comes through.

Regardless, the FEC docs claim the College Dropout artist has lent his own campaign nearly $7 million. To think of all the good he could’ve accomplished with that money, rather than putting it up for an inane vanity project destined to go nowhere that may or may not be tightly controlled by Republican operatives, anyways. But you keep doing you, Kanye!!!

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BTW, as we previously reported on a bit earlier this week in regards to some new comments about Taylor Swift, Kanye’s full interview with Nick Cannon dropped a couple days ago.

If you haven’t yet, you can watch the full thing (below):

Reactions, Perezcious readers?

Just another day in Kanye’s world.

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