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Kanye West Reportedly Went Off The Rails During Deposition, Donning Fake Jesus Mask & Lashing Out!

Kanye West reportedly seriously misbehaved during a lawsuit deposition this week! OMG!

Kanye West is facing down another lawsuit — this time over some allegedly stolen technology reportedly used to help the rapper sell Sunday Service merchandise — and now, we’re learning more about it.

In particular, news reports are coming to light claiming Kim Kardashian‘s estranged husband performed some pretty crazy antics during a recent video deposition, even going so far as to wear a fake Jesus mask and avoid answering any questions from lawyers!

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According to All Hip-Hop, Yeezy underwent a deposition early last week in an ongoing lawsuit he’s facing from a company called MyChannel. In the suit, the company alleged the fashion designer-slash-rap performer and producer backed out of a deal he’d made with them and then stole the company’s technology to sell his own Sunday Service merch.

For a while now, MyChannel has apparently been fighting to get Kanye into court for an in-person deposition, but the Chicago-born artist and his legal team have resisted. With COVID-19 still a threat nationwide, then, a judge finally allowed for a compromise: that he could be deposed virtually, via a Zoom video call. And according to the outlet, the whole thing went to hell in a hand basket almost immediately.

Per reported court filings that include the actual transcript of the deposition, the star went OFF on MyChannel attorney Michael Popok, calling him “boy” at least 12 times during the heated deposition. The whole interview only lasted 10 minutes, too, with ‘Ye quickly becoming fed up and shutting off his computer to terminate things.

In those few minutes, the 44-year-old reportedly would not stop playing with his phone, only looking up to ask Popok “if he was f**king stupid.” While refusing to answer any questions (not good, Kanye!), the dad of four apparently referred to his own “mental genius-ness” and dismissed the entire process off hand.

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At one point, Yeezy even told Popok that “he was lucky” to be deposing “the richest Black man in America and a Black [Donald] Trump supporter,” and that he “couldn’t be bothered” with the deposition because he had “lives (and diets) to change.”

Not sure what’s up with that diets remark? Nice to see the musician is still connecting himself to Trump, though. And by “nice” we mean really f**king shitty and incredibly sleazy, but whatever…

Kanye West is worth BILLIONS, according to a new valuation!
Yeah, yeah, Kanye. We get it already! / (c) WENN

Anyway, the deposition really went to s**t when West suddenly “put on a full-face hood and head covering adorned with Jesus Christ’s image which obscured his face and muffled his voice.”

Um… WTF?!

Popok and the rest of the MyChannel legal team protested at that point, apparently saying they were unable to hear Kanye’s muffled voice, but the rapper refused to remove the mask and allegedly claimed the lawyers “did not have the right to see his face.”

From there, he was said to have bragged on camera about “how good he was doing obstructing the deposition” while his lawyers allegedly looked on passively — unable or unwilling to rein in their client. (The Kanye-Trump connection grows deeper every day…)

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In a reported statement as part of the court docs related to the deposition — which was recorded — another one of MyChannel’s lawyers, Ben J. Meiselas, noted (below):

“West’s bad faith efforts to sabotage the deposition will be viewed by the Court as one of the most outrageous and inappropriate deposition performances it has observed as well.”

Then, after Kanye abruptly cut off his camera and shut down his computer, ending the deposition, all one of his lawyers could reportedly say in response was:

“That was some crazy s**t.”


In response, MyChannel is now reportedly pushing for an in-person deposition in court next month. They’re also apparently seeking a $63,000 sanction against the rapper. Should be no problem for “the richest Black man in America,” right?

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It’ll be interesting to see the potential fallout from this, though. It’s one thing for us to gawk at it, but a judge certainly won’t take kindly to these alleged actions.

The timing of this report is also interesting, as it claims West underwent this ill-fated deposition early last week. As we previously reported, he returned to a New Jersey airport from a romantic getaway to France with new girlfriend Irina Shayk last Wednesday — so was he deposed while on vacation with her?! That’s no fun!

You can read more about the Zoom call and see screenshots of the alleged court docs filed thereafter at the link HERE.

What do U make of all this, Perezcious readers?! Look on the bright side: at least Yeezy chose to wear a mask during these COVID times, right? Ha!!

Sound OFF with your take on Kanye’s legal lampooning down in the comments (below)!

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