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Kanye West Posts Most Emotional Lyrics He's Ever Written -- Describing How 'Divorce' Feels To Him

Kanye West Divorce Feels Like Lyrics

Well, this is a new one. It appears Kanye West posted lyrics from an as-yet-unreleased track to express his feelings.

It’s certainly healthier than threats or whatever weird stunt dating thing he’s doing with Kim Kardashian lookalikes. It’s almost like journaling… Except of course he knows his ex is going to see it since he’s putting it out for the world to see. But hey, that’s what artists do, right?

So what exactly did he write? Is it art? You tell us! Under the word Divorce, presumably the title, he writes:

“Divorce feels like full blown Covid
Divorce feels like you doctor don’t know s**t
Divorce feels like your walking on glass
Divorce feels like you’re running through a glass wall
Divorce feels like you’re being bullied in a class hall
Divorce feels like you’re getting beat up in the mall”

Inneresting that he mentioned “being bullied” — considering he’s been the one on the attack, bragging about driving Kim’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson off Instagram.

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He continues:

“Divorce feels like your hand was burned on the stove
Divorce feels like your soul was dragged over coals
Divorce feels like grandma never got over that cold
Divorce feels like the first play of the super bowl and your ankle rolls
Divorce feels like your kids were snatched from your control”

That last one isn’t exactly a metaphor. Kanye literally believes his kids were taken from his control. His weirdly hypocritical patriarchal control issues with North and her mom were a big point of contention for the couple.

“Divorce feels like you’ve been shot and traffic is slow
Divorce feels like heavy breathing
Divorce feels like suffocating
Barely breathing”

Man, this is really rough stuff. It does make us feel bad for Ye… though it’s impossible to forget the fact this divorce has been going on for several months and even though he’s hurting, Kim has dealt with more than her fair share of pain, too.

As has previously been pointed out by an insider, it wasn’t until Kim started dating again that he made any kind of fuss. From what we’ve heard, he didn’t really take any of it seriously until then, like he took for granted Kim was his property that he could reclaim whenever he felt like it.

He certainly wasn’t posting heartfelt verses when he was abandoning Kim to go to Wyoming and pretend to run for President. When she was crying and begging and struggling with everything to make it work.

But now, once another penis enters the conversation, now he’s Mr. Heartbreak? Feels pretty misogynistic, only judging reality based on what men are doing, doesn’t it? Just sayin’.

Anyway, the song (we guess? maybe it’s just a poem?) goes on like that for a while. Our favorite line is:

“Divorce feels like Michael Myers”

It ends very dramatically with:

“Who are you to have an opinion on your own life
You are not you anymore
You’re whats left of you
Michael Jackson said it best
You’re a vegetable
You’re a vegetable
You’re the real Cosby
Not a Huxtable”

Oof, no matter how bad you feel, you probably don’t want to compare yourself to Bill Cosby anymore. Is he saying he feels like a woman-victimizing monster? Or is he one of these Cosby defenders who’s saying he feels like he’s being railroaded by the system? Hmm…

What do YOU think of Ye’s new form of self-expression? See the full post (below):

Kanye West Divorce Instagram
(c) Kanye West/Instagram

[Image via WENN/Instagram.]

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