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Kanye West 'Didn't Take' Kim Kardashian Divorce 'Seriously' Until Pete Davidson Popped Up!

Kanye West Reportedly Didn't Take Kim Kardashian Divorce 'Seriously' Until Pete Davidson Popped Up

Now that Kanye West has finally legally objected to Kim Kardashian‘s divorce filing, we need some answers. Like, why now? Why wait so long?? Well, apparently he didn’t think she was serious when she filed for divorce just about a year ago??

That’s what insiders are claiming. At least, that’s how it was when she was remaining single — he assumed he could get her back whenever he wanted, we guess? But now that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has very clearly moved on from the rapper with a new boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson, reality is starting to set in for Ye.

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According to a new report published in The Sun late Thursday night, the Hurricane rapper is only now coming face-to-face with something readily apparent for quite some time: that the SKIMS mogul has long been more than ready to move on from their marriage.

Speaking about Kanye’s apparent surprise at the realization settling, an insider revealed that the Chicago native “lost a huge part of his support system” when things ended with the 41-year-old reality TV star. It wasn’t just Kim, either, but also Kris Jenner who was “used to be close” to the troubled artist during happier days.

The source explained:

“It’s really starting to hit home with Kanye. He says he doesn’t have the support system he used to have. Kris was like his mother and a huge support and now he feels he lost her too.”

Wow! That’s so sad.

We’re sure Kris was wise and helpful in giving advice and lending support to the world famous performer.

Pete Davidson Is 'Staying Far Away' From Kanye West Amid Ongoing Kim Kardashian Divorce Drama
It’s been quite a year for all three of these stars in the first six weeks of 2022… / (c) YouTube/Ivan Nikolov/WENN

As for Kim, it sounds like she “got to her breaking point,” according to that same insider. And even though Ye reportedly didn’t initially understand the severity of the KKW Beauty exec’s wishes regarding his mental health, things quickly got past the point of no return once Pete came on to the scene.

The insider added:

“Kim said either you get the help you need or I’m leaving — she got to her breaking point. But he didn’t take her seriously until Pete and it was a little too late.”


While Kim and Pete appear to be off to the races in their romantic relationship, Kanye’s team is apparently trying to pick up the proverbial pieces. A separate source spoke to the outlet about the 44-year-old rapper’s mental health, and it sounds as though insiders are concerned.

Ye’s friends are apparently very concerned about his alleged refusal to stay medicated:

“Friends are getting really concerned that Kanye is off his meds again. He says he doesn’t want to be suppressed — and he feels numb and like his artistic abilities are gone when he is on his meds.”

Of course, the medication question seems to be at the center of Ye’s latest Instagram focus on Pete. As Perezcious readers will recall, the comedian called out Kanye during a Saturday Night Live rant back in 2018, suggesting medication to aid in mental health management and imploring Ye to “take ’em” to even out.

Then, earlier this week, Ye confirmed that his social media attacks on the King of Staten Island star are “payback” for that 2018 Weekend Update skit.

At this point, we just hope cooler heads prevail throughout this controversy and everyone stays safe and healthy.

What do U think about these latest insider details about Kanye’s current status, Perezcious readers? Share your reactions to all of this down in the comments (below)…

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