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Katie Maloney Breaks Down In Tears While Opening Up About What Led To Tom Schwartz Split

Katie Maloney Breaks Down In Tears Opening Up About What Led To Tom Schwartz Split

Katie Maloney got emotional while giving Vanderpump Rules fans some more insight into what led to her split with her estranged husband Tom Schwartz.

As Bravo viewers most likely know by now, the pair took to social media earlier this week to confirm in separate statements that they had decided to part ways after 12 years together. This came after fans were speculating Schwartz and Maloney called it quits for weeks when the latter was spotted without her wedding ring in several Instagram posts. And during the latest episode of the You’re Going to Love Me podcast, the 35-year-old reality star can be heard breaking down into tears while further opening up about what happened. She revealed to listeners there wasn’t exactly a specific moment that led to their split, explaining:

“There wasn’t some kind of crazy incident that happened, there wasn’t some crazy fight that resulted in this. It was my decision, which was probably the hardest and most painful decision I’ve ever had to make. The best and only way I can describe it is just like waking up inside of my life and having this voice that just became louder and louder and just events in my life and in our relationship coming into focus and feeling the weight of them on me.”

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The Bravolebrity recalled wanting to “deny” the negative feelings she had about their marriage, saying:

“I wanted to push them out of my head because I love Tom and we built a life together and he’s my person and I wanted to be with him forever. But ultimately, I just wasn’t happy.”

However, her decision to leave Schwartz wasn’t immediate. In fact, Maloney shared that she sat with the decision “for a long time” but later realized she wanted to prioritize her happiness for once:

“For a long time I sat with it and I thought about it and I didn’t talk to anyone about it for a long time, cause I wanted to know if it was something else that was making me feel this way… but it just didn’t stop. It just became more clear, and I could no longer deny it. That was the hardest thing to accept. I had really prioritized Tom, and our relationship, and our future, and I wanted to plan for that so badly, but I didn’t often prioritize myself or my happiness. Even though we did have so much fun, there were so many happy moments even day-to-day, I loved being with him, but ultimately I was not fulfilled.”

She continued:

“I felt like I was going to burst. For months it was building up. I felt disconnected, I felt like I was drifting further and further away and I couldn’t stop it. It was the hardest, hardest thing to do.”

For Maloney, though, she found telling Schwartz about her decision to end their marriage was the most difficult part “because I knew it was gonna crush him.” Still, the reality star knows she is “doing the right thing” at the end of the day. And although it is over between the duo, Maloney noted on the podcast that she and Schwartz are “trying to navigate these steps together” and maintain their friendship:

“We do still live together in our house, and we’re just trying to navigate these steps together and really work on becoming friends in that sense, and obviously we have the same friends and trying to hang out in a group together going through this and not making it awkward for anyone and not make anyone choose sides – that’s been important to us.”

Still living together?! That has bound to be awkward — even if they are trying to remain friends!

But we still hope that these two are able to keep things as amicable as possible as they move on with lives separately. It sounds like Katie hopes things can remain that way at least. Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know!

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