Kellyanne Conway Continues To Blindly Defend Donald Trump’s Actions Over James Comey’s Firing — & Anderson Cooper Responds With An EPIC Eye Roll

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Kellyanne Conway is in way over her head, and everyone knows it!

On Tuesday evening, Donald Trump‘s counselor appeared on CNN to chat with Anderson Cooper about the President’s decision to fire (now former) FBI director James Comey. Obviously, it didn’t take long for things to get prickly between the Trump lackey and the Anderson Cooper 360 host.

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While defending the Trumpster’s decision to oust the 56-year-old, the blonde political adviser noted:

“You’re looking at the wrong set of facts here. You’re going back to the campaign. This man is the president of the United States. He acted decisively today.”

Perhaps there are some “alternative facts” you’d like to apprise us to?? LOLz!

Thankfully, the seasoned journalist didn’t put up with any of Kellyanne’s nonsense as he clapped back:

“That makes no sense. He said one thing as a candidate and now he’s concerned as president?”

Snap! Snap! Sadly, Conway couldn’t come up with a well thought response to Cooper’s interjection as she added:

“It makes complete sense because he has lost confidence in the FBI director.”

She literally sounds like a kindergartener! Ugh.

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Not to mention, when asked about Senator Chuck Schumer‘s claims that Comey’s termination is a “cover up,” Kellyanne pretty much ignored the question and simply said Amy Schumer‘s cousin is “wrong.” Strong defense, Kellyanne. *eye roll*

When further pushed to comment on the supposed investigation into Trump and his administration’s ties to Russia, the seasoned pollster snapped:

“The president is not under investigation. I’m around the president, I’m not under investigation.”

Yeah, but are you sure about that???

Kell also shared (why, we have no idea) how she’d appeared on Cooper’s show in 2016 and predicted that they would win Michigan. Andddddd…. Anderson’s EPIC eye roll was birthed. LMAO!

Anyway, the former campaign manager isn’t done blindly defending Trump as, on Wednesday Kellyanne appeared on CNN again — only this time to have an awkward chat with Chris Cuomo. Not only was Conway dragged for furthering the Commander-In-Chief’s hoax agenda, but the (supposed) political expert tried and failed to flip the convo by accusing the news anchor of trying to go “viral.”

Be sure to ch-ch-check out the tense exchange for yourself (below)!

What do YOU think?? Are you believing any of Kellyanne’s B.S.??

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[Image via CNN.]

May 10, 2017 11:33am PST

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