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Kendall Jenner Makes Rumored Boyfriend Devin Booker Sweat With This HOT Bikini Pic! Look!

Devin Booker clearly feels some type of way about rumored girlfriend Kendall Jenner — and in response, she’s playing the game like an expert!

The 25-year-old model and reality TV star posted a series of super-sexy swimsuit pictures on her social media accounts on Wednesday, but it was a different pic — of the same bikini set-up — posted by the NBA star that gave us an idea of what he REALLY thinks about Kendall!

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It all started on the supermodel’s Instagram account on Wednesday afternoon, where she posted a whole series of jaw-dropping thirst trap shots, as you can see (below):

Um… WOW! Clearly, we weren’t the only ones to feel that way, either.

Even though he’s busy right now playing for the Phoenix Suns, Devin still found time to pop up on social media and re-post one of Kenny’s hot shots with this very telling caption added (below):

Devin Booker really likes what he sees with Kendall Jenner's newest bikini pictures!
Keep your pants on, Devin! LOLz! / (c) Devin Booker/Instagram

So, uhhh, how do you really feel about her, Devin?! See something you like there, or what??


Of course, the 24-year-old Michigan native and professional athlete has been linked to Kenny multiple times in the past; the two even road tripped together to Sedona, Arizona back in April 2020. And yes, Booker previously dated Kylie Jenner‘s ex-BFF Jordyn Woods in 2018, too.

You remember that, right?! Reaction to that in early 2020 built up on social media until Kendall delivered her infamous “where I throw this cooch” comment that STILL has us reeling. (She wasn’t wrong, either!) Anyways, while Kendall and Devin have never confirmed anything about a possible relationship, moments like this make it clear that’s some chemistry there, to say the least!

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Also, can we talk about the pandemic for a second?? It’s unclear where exactly Kendall was when snapping these pics, but we know for a fact she was in Aspen with some of her fam earlier this month. And while Booker wasn’t with her for this poolside layabout — he scored 24 points in 35 minutes in the Suns’ Wednesday night game in Houston — he and Kenny have totally broken pandemic protocols to travel together in the past, too.

All we’re saying is we wish Kendall — and a bunch of other celebs, TBF — was more aware of how all this traveling sets a horrible example. Ya know?!

Aside from that whole issue, how do y’all feel about the sparks flying between these two young hotties?? Are you shipping them as a couple, or nah??Sound OFF about it with your take down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Eugene Powers/WENN/Kendall Jenner/Instagram]

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