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Fans Joke Princess Catherine 'Was Employed To Edit' Khloé Kardashian's Latest Instagram Photo! OUCH!

Fans Joke Princess Catherine 'Was Employed To Edit' Khloé Kardashian's Latest Instagram Photo! OUCH!

Following the Princess Catherine Photoshop scandal, in which the royal family’s “proof of life” post backfired horribly, lots of other celebs are feeling fans’ skepticism. And none more so right now than Khloé Kardashian!

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On Thursday morning, the Good American founder popped up on Instagram with a pic of herself and pal Erin Paxton. Erin formerly worked as a production manager on KUWTK, and has known the fam for years. So for Khlo-money, it was just a simple snap with “my Paxy,” as the reality TV star called the producer in the caption. See for yourself (below):

Sweet, simple, and without controversy… right?


In the comments, dozens of the Revenge Body alum’s 311 million followers popped up to voice displeasure over Khloé’s look! One fan accused her of having “AI face,” another slammed her so-called “steroid eyes,” and a third claimed they thought it wasn’t Khloé at all, but Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley! WTF?! Here are a few of the harsh reactions (below):

“Khlo I love u but delete before everyone wakes up this is not your face”

“Did you paste your face on? What is happening?”

“I thought you were Dorit from housewives”

“Khloe be so f**kin foreal rn. Where’s your chin girl”


“I think she’s not Khloe, does anyone know who she is?”

“Your original beautiful face has gone, very AI face now”

“Delete befor it star [sic] girl. You pulling a Kate pic girl”

“The face looks photo shopped”

“Something does not look right in this pic”

“Same meds as your mom? You both look ridiculous in your pics, come on. Steroid eyes, not sparkling at all.”

“Princess kate was employed to edit this photo”

So MEAN! For real!! But honestly, that final comment (above) is the key link. Fans have loooong suspected (and very vocally accused) Khloé of supposedly altering photos. And now that the dam has been broken with the Kate Middleton photo saga, it’s the f**king Wild West in Instagram comment sections. Yeesh!

Of course, the issue with Kate is the concern she wasn’t the one to doctor that pic. People are scared she isn’t safe and sound, and The Firm is trying to cover it up. We’re guessing no one is worried about Khlo-money’s safety at the moment. Thoughts, y’all??

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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