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Khloé Kardashian & Tristan Thompson 'Still Together' & Focusing On Giving True A Sibling Amid Paternity Drama

khloe kardashian, tristan thompson : still together and focusing on baby #2 amid paternity drama

Khloé Kardashian is familiar with romantic drama, but this latest controversy is REALLY messy.

As we’ve been reporting, Khloé’s on-and-off boyfriend (fiancé?) Tristan Thompson is embroiled in a paternity battle with a former flame, Kimberly Alexander. While at least one paternity test has determined the basketball player is not the father of Kimberly’s son, she’s demanded multiple tests from so-called “neutral” facilities and has allegedly been harassing Khlo over it. She even went so far as to admit faking DMs from the reality star… before claiming she was “hacked” and never had anything to do with the DMs.

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That would be enough drama to last a lifetime, and that’s not even all of it. While the paternity issue isn’t necessarily a result of infidelity, we all know Tristan has a history of cheating. And influencer Sydney Chase has claimed she had an affair with the Boston Celtics star, having been in contact with him as recently as True’s second birthday this year. And despite legal pressure, so far, she’s not backing down from her story.

All of this would be enough to rattle any woman’s faith in her man, particularly one as unfaithful as Tristan. Yet although these scandals have reportedly caused “tension” between the couple, a source told E! News:

“Khloé is not leaving him.”

Apparently, the Good American founder believes that the athlete has been “faithful” to her this time around. The source shared:

“Khloé obviously gets upset when rumors are spread about Tristan being unfaithful, but the dust has settled a bit and they are still together.”

The insider reiterated that the pair “are still very much a couple and Khloé is standing by Tristan.” And not only are they still together, but they’re still focused on having a “sibling for True.”

The E! source added:

“They are hoping to give True a baby brother, but ultimately want a healthy baby.”

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TBH, the Revenge Body host’s journey to Baby #2 has been difficult enough without all this external stress! On the a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the 36-year-old expressed doubts about finding a surrogate, saying:

“I’m definitely second-guessing a couple things. It’s just a little intense, this whole Zoom call. I’m starting to wonder if surrogacy is really gonna work for me and my family.”

Having to find someone to carry your child while also sending out cease and desists to his other would-be baby mommas sounds totally exhausting! Our heart really goes out to Khloé dealing with all this. We still have our suspicions of Tristan, but we hope it all works out for the best for her, regardless.

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