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Sarah Jessica Parker Discusses AJLT Return Of Kim Cattrall, Nudity, Aging In Hollywood, & More!

Sarah Jessica Parker Discusses AJLT Return Of John Corbett & Kim Cattrall, Doing Nudity, Aging In Hollywood, & More!

And Just Like That... Sarah Jessica Parker is spilling the tea!

The 58-year-old actress appeared on The Howard Stern Show this week and did not hold back when she discussed everything from her longtime friendship with Andy Cohen to that brief appearance from her nemesis (Sex and the City fan favorite) Kim Cattrall on the second season of the Max show. So get ready for what SJP had to say (below) because she dropped some juicy details for fans!

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On John Corbett’s Return As Aidan Shaw

As Perezcious readers no doubt know, John Corbett returned to the SATC franchise as Carrie Bradshaw’s former (or potentially current?!) love interest Aidan Shaw for season two of And Just Like That. Host Howard Stern brought up John’s exciting part in the revival during the interview. And when he asked if there would be sex scenes between Aidan and Carrie, SJP stuck out her tongue and raised an eyebrow before saying:

“It’s an affectionate relationship. They’re very physical, those two.”

So we can expect some spicy moments between these two in future episodes!

On Kim Cattrall’s Season Finale Cameo

John isn’t the only former cast member coming back! Kim Cattrall also made a brief appearance on the hit series to reprise her iconic character Samantha Jones. This came as a shock to everyone after their previous refusal to join the hit show due to her nasty feud with Sarah. But the 66-year-old actress had a change of heart, the promise of a great payday, and an agreement to not have to film her one scene with SJP, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristen Davis. So what does the Hocus Pocus alum feel about the matter? Well, she’s not bad-mouthing Kim to Howard obvi! Instead, she simply commented:

“Just a little chef’s kiss. It’s very happy.”

Hey, if they can make a cameo happen, who’s to say we can’t see more of Samantha in Season 3? As style guru Tim Gunn would say, make it work! LOLz! Just do lots of phone calls if y’all don’t want to film together. We’ll take it!

On Being Best Friends With Andy Cohen

Moving on from talking about her rival…

Sarah opened up about her friendship with the king of Bravo, Andy Cohen. She said:

“We really did watch him build a career, you don’t see somebody build a career in front of your eyes like this. I love Andy … we’re working on 25, 26 years now of a real friendship, and we’ve come a long way.”

Looking back, the momma remembered how their friendship was never “easy” at first, and she would never ask him to hang out “alone.” But things between them changed once they bonded over going to the theater together:

“I’d drag him to a theater or a restaurant deep in Chinatown that he’d try to understand, but those are those kinds of experiences that eventually, you’re in a room with him, and you don’t have to talk, and he’s that friend that’s real.”

Now, the two are so close that they are going to be living next to each other in the future! Sarah’s daughter even babysits the executive producer’s 4-year-old son, Ben:

“I can see him from my house out east and now I can stand outside and see him from my apartment in New York City. It’s kind of a bonus, like some kind of wonderful thing that happened.”

Love this for Andy and SJP!!!

On Aging In Hollywood

Sadly, critics are still harsh on actors when it comes to aging. From online trolls to prickly producers, it really takes its toll on people, SJP included! She laments:

“I don’t really like looking at myself … I mean, I think I’m fine.”

As for why she hasn’t had major plastic surgery done? She says:

“People would be like, ‘Well, you not only look rested, you look like an entirely different human being.’”

But she understands those who do:

“I do understand why people make the choice, because there is so much emphasis put on … primarily women about looks. I think people should do whatever makes them feel better walking out the door.”

Exactly! As long as they are happy and safe about it, that is all that matters!

On Her Concerns With Sex And The City

It’s no secret that there’s nudity in the SATC franchise. Kim, Kristen, and Cynthia have all stripped down for the series – but SJP? She never did. During her interview with Howard, Sarah recalled being concerned when she first received the script for the show, all because she wasn’t OK with doing nudity. She explained:

“I thought the script was really interesting, and really exciting, and different, and fresh, and I’d never seen anything like that. The only thing I said to him that I was concerned about was that I just didn’t feel comfortable doing nudity, and I suspected that if it wasn’t in the pilot, it would be a part of a series. He [Darren Star] said, ‘Don’t do it then … we’ll have other actors, if they feel comfortable doing it they’ll do it, but you do not have to.’ … I think I just never felt comfortable exposing myself that way. I never had any judgements about anybody else doing it, it wasn’t like a morality thing … I was shy.”

Another thing she “put her foot down” and refused to do? Sarah didn’t want Carrie to unnecessarily curse:

“We were on HBO, and I knew that meant we could say anything we wanted, and we could be loose, and liberal, and salty, and ribald. But I also thought therefore it meant we had to be disciplined, and we shouldn’t just use language because we could. And Carrie Bradshaw’s a writer, and she’s really, really, really thoughtful about what she says, how she says it, when she says it, who’s she saying it to, and if we want to use language, let’s be really thoughtful about when she uses it, we can be smart about it.”

Good for her for sticking up for herself throughout the series!

Reactions to SJP’s candid interview, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via The Howard Stern Show/YouTube, MEGA/WENN, Phil Lewis/WENN]

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