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Brittany Cartwright Reveals Details About The 'Horrible Fight' With Jax Taylor That Led To Separation!

Brittany Cartwright Reveals ‘Horrible Fight’ With Jax Taylor Led To Their Separation

Brittany Cartwright continues to spill more tea on her separation from Jax Taylor!

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night, the 35-year-old reality star opened up to Andy Cohen about the moment she knew she needed to walk away from her husband. And no, their breakup had nothing to do with cheating, despite the rumors circulating. Well, at least, as far as she knows, that is…

Brittany did have a moment of doubt at one point. No one would blame her for her doubts, given Jax’s looonnng history of infidelity. However, she said she and The Valley co-star Janet Caperna “did all the digging” together, and they are pretty sure he did not cheat on her again. Phew! If Jax did not have an affair, though, then what triggered her to leave him?? Brittany revealed it all came down to one massive argument they had:

“We just had a horrible fight and it was like a veil was lifted, and I noticed everything wrong. You know they always say a woman can hit her breaking point and it’s hard to come back from that.”

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According to Britt, their blowout began because Jax was pissed that she went out with their friend and co-star Kristen Doute one night. The momma explained that the former bartender “woke up one morning and was mad that I went out with Kristen the night before, and kind of made up a story in his own head and started a fight about something that never happened.” Whoa! She did not give further details about the fight. But we wonder if Jax might have thought Brittany was the one who stepped out on their relationship while out with Kristen?? Or was this supposed made-up “story” about something else entirely?!

Either way, that was when Brittany knew she needed to get out! By that point, she said their marriage became so toxic as they had “fought about everything.” And by then, she was over it. So, Brittany packed up her bags and left Jax. Now, they are “still separated,” and she is “still in the Airbnb” while co-parenting her son Cruz with the Jax’s Studio City owner.

But where do they go from here? Divorce? Reconciliation? What is the plan moving forward? Things still sound up in the air for them! At this time, they are NOT (yet?) talking about getting a divorce. Brittany told Us Weekly:

“I definitely think about it, but I’m just not there yet. You go back and forth. It’s so hard when you have a kid, so it’s like a lot of ups and downs. Some days I’m like ‘Never coming back,’ and then other times I’m like, ‘We’ll see what happens.’ So it’s all up in that air right now.”

Brittany said she ignored the issues in their relationship too “many times” instead of prioritizing her needs. But she eventually had enough. While Jax initially did not want to separate, she shared that he has come around to the idea now:

“I’ve forgiven for things that I shouldn’t have over the past years, but I just have always loved him so much and stood by him no matter what. I’m always taking up for him, always apologizing, always cleaning up messes, and after nine years, that can really wear on you. I think we go up and down. Even he goes up, up and down. In the beginning, he did not want me to leave, but I think now he’s kind of leaning into it a little bit more.”

But, like, he really had no choice in the matter! If the VPR alum is unwilling to work on their marriage, as Brittany has mentioned before, what else is she to do? Accept it? Let problems continue?! Even though Brittany and Jax have not made their breakup official, that is not stopping her from getting back into the dating scene again! She said “it would have to be [with] somebody really great.” One slight problem with that, however, is she told the outlet that the pair have not talked about the terms of their separation. That includes if they are allowed to be with other people:

“We haven’t really [gone] too far into [a] discussion over that kind of stuff, but I feel like a whole part of the separation is to experiment and see what you really want to do for your relationship. Do we want to get back together or do we think that we’d be happier with somebody else? So it’s weird. It’s crazy.”

Umm… She may want to have that conversation before either of them dates again! You don’t want a split to become extremely messy if you haven’t outlined the separation rules! Just sayin’! But regardless if Jax and Brittany end up together, she is ultimately “proud” of taking the step for her own well-being:

“I feel good. I feel very strong and I’m proud of myself for doing what’s right for my mental health and for my family.”

Gotta do what is right for her and her family! And it sounds like Brittany did that! Watch her WWHL interview (below):

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Do you think Brittany and Jax will get a divorce or reconcile? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via Bravo/Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen/YouTube]

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