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Kim Kardashian BREAKS DOWN Addressing Kanye West’s Antisemitic Comments On The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian Gets Emotional While Addressing Kanye West’s Antisemitic Comments In New The Kardashians Episode

Kim Kardashian stayed pretty silent about Kanye West’s white supremacist controversy at the time. But fans finally got a look into how it hit her behind closed doors.

During the latest episode of The Kardashians, the 42-year-old reality star breaks down while discussing the fallout from her ex-husband’s antisemitic comments. When asked by Khloé Kardashian how she is, Kim immediately begins sobbing!

She gets emotional, saying she’s “not OK” and can “not get it together” — to the point where she hasn’t “changed my outfit in like two days.” Yeesh!

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Comforting her big sister, the Good American founder responds:

“You don’t have to get it together. You don’t have to be strong all the time. You’re allowed to go through this and have your feelings. What you’ve been dealing with is not okay.”

It’s clear the controversy took an emotional toll on Kim, more than she ever let on in public. Maybe that’s because she didn’t know what to say or do??

In a confessional, she shares that she has no idea how to deal with Kanye’s situation – especially whether to continue speaking out about it:

“It’s really confusing for me that it’s so different than the person that I married because that’s who I loved and that’s who I remember. I’ll do anything to get that person back. The whole situation is sad, and I don’t know how to emotionally manage it. I’m conflicted because I don’t ever want to jump in and be a part of a downfall for the father of my kids. It’s really f**king hard. And I don’t wish that upon anybody.”

Back in her conversation with Khloé, the momma of four admits she feels “so bad” for the 46-year-old rapper:

“I feel so bad for him. I don’t even think he feels bad for himself because I don’t even know if he knows how… I just feel so bad.”

Inneresting. It seems like she stopped herself short of implying Ye doesn’t know what’s going on. Hmm.

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Kim notes she hasn’t reached out to Ye about the scandal — mainly because she believes “he’ll probably go off on” her. Yeah, that sadly was a strong possibility, given that he wasn’t shy about calling her or then-boyfriend Pete Davidson out on social media in the past. She tells Khloé she even feels “guilty” for posting a message in support of the Jewish community — and potentially causing her ex to lose his brand deals:

“I feel guilty that I posted something in support of the Jewish community, then people dropped him today. Is that my fault? That I posted that? And did that push them? And I should have just kept quiet? But I’m vocal about everything else…I never know what to do.”

But Koko makes it clear to Kim it’s not her fault Kanye was dropped from several partnerships due to her message — instead it’s 100 percent his vile actions and behavior. She explains to her big sis:

“He had so many opportunities to retract what he said and he would double down all the time. Sometimes our silence speaks louder, and what you did was not wrong. What you did had nothing to do with what’s happening right now.”

She continues:

“You’re such a good person and that’s why you feel like this and that’s why your heart is breaking for him. People have probably wanted to cancel him for a while and he’s always said, ‘I’m not cancellable.’ … And now, this is probably just the last thing.”

Still, Kim is struggling with what to do. Although she wants to cut ties with Kanye, she has to think of their four kids — North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm — first:

“I’m never like a ‘woe is me’ sad kind of person, but there’s times when I get overwhelmed. I’m so angry, but I’m also so sad. Your instinct wants to be like, ‘Wow, I can never talk to this person again,’ but then you think of your babies. I’m having a hard time figuring it out.”

It’s a lot of pressure! And ultimately, the television personality points out she’s just trying her best to manage the situation and “hide everything” from their children for as long as possible:

“I am just in protection mode of my kids, and just try to hide everything. It’s just hard for me to figure out — if they don’t know anything, why wouldn’t dad come over for dinner? Why isn’t dad at my things? That kills me. It’s the one thing that gives me anxiety. Because then I’m embarrassed if people are going to say something at a game or a function. Is it safe? Is it dangerous? I just don’t know what to do. I’ve been managing it the best way that I know how because I want my kids to see a healthy dad.”

Meanwhile, Khloé expresses how she’s “heartbroken” to see her sister falling apart:

“It’s such a helpless feeling because me watching Ye is like watching a car crash in slow motion. I feel terrible about everything. None of us share these antisemitic views. We think it’s gravely irresponsible. We’re all very aware of the following that Kanye has, and how his words can be used to rile people up.”

This whole awful situation must be so hard for Kim to navigate with their kids — and  things will only get tougher as they get older and eventually ask questions about Kanye’s scandal. Thankfully, it looks like Kim has a great support system surrounding her to help her deal with this difficult matter. Thoughts on the latest episode of The Kardashians, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

To learn more about antisemitism and how you can help fight it, check out

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