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Kim Kardashian Apologizes To Sisters For SAVAGELY Mocking Their Japan Style As She Wears Almost Identical Look!

Kim Kardashian Apologizes To Sisters For Mocking Their Japan Style As She Wears Almost Identical Look!

Kim Kardashian is owning up to a s**tty statement she made five looong years ago.

But hey, give her some credit for this. At least she can admit when she’s wrong about something!!

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So let’s set this one up real quick by going all the way back to 2018. During an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (RIP) that year, Kim’s sisters Khloé and Kourtney got neck-deep in Japanese fashion and culture during a family trip to Tokyo.

The SKIMS mogul didn’t care for their East Asian fashion allusions, though. In fact, Kim thought at the time that her two sisters went WAY too over the top with trying to mimic Japanese culture in their outfits!!

As Perezcious readers and longtime KUWTK fans will recall, Kim slammed her two famous siblings during the show in a memorable on-screen takedown:

“I gotta be real with you guys. You look like f**king clowns. I’m not f**king kidding. This is not like a tourist thing where it’s Halloween, dress up like a f**king Japanese geisha. Unless we’re at a geisha house.”


At the time during that now-five-year-old episode, the Poosh founder tried to clap back:

“I thought my hair looked good last night. And I thought my outfit was fun for Japan.”

But Kim wasn’t having it!! She replied:

“Your outfit would’ve been great if you didn’t have f**king blue eye shadow.”

And Kim continued from there with even more specific instructions for her surprised siblings:

“I’m just saying, you have to like, tell the glam people. Especially we’re in Japan. Everyone just thinks, ‘Oh my God we’re in Japan, everyone go full Japan.’ And probably the people that live here make fun of people like that.”

Remember that, y’all?? Well, if you don’t, you can re-live the SKKN By Kim mogul’s now-awkward ages-old takedown of her two shocked sisters (below):

Kept in check!

But, wait, why are we re-living a KUWTK ep that’s a half-decade old?? Well, because on Sunday, Kim went full Japan JUST like her sisters did five years ago!!!

The media maven took to Instagram on Sunday afternoon to share a photo dump from Tokyo, where her fam recently spent some quality time. And the mom of four did not hesitate to very openly and proudly rock Japanese looks in the self-proclaimed “Sanrio Style” post!! In fact, Kim showed herself off wearing nearly the exact same puffy pink coat that she previously slammed Khloé for wearing years before!

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Ch-ch-check it out (below), and pay special attention to the last couple slides where Kim completely acknowledges her previous criticism of Kourtney and Khloé:


But that wasn’t all! Kim wasn’t going to get away with just acknowledging her prior comments at the very end of this new IG carousel. She had to apologize for them out in the open, too!

Ch-ch-check out this HIGHlarious exchange from the comments of the Selfish author’s post (below):

Kim Kardashian Apologizes To Sisters For Mocking Their Japan Style As She Wears Almost Identical Look!
Too funny to watch it all play out in public like that! / (c) Kim Kardashian/Instagram


Love it. Get her, Khloé! Make sure she owns this one!!

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Then, in a follow-up IG Stories post from later on Sunday, Kim shared an old paparazzi pic from Japan that Kourtney dug up and re-posted earlier in the day. With the re-share, Kim also apologized even more for the mishap! She commented:

“People grow and evolve, ok??? LOL I’m SORRY.”

That they do, Kim! That they do… BTW, here’s another look at the trip Kim’s clan took to Tokyo:



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A life-changing experience for North West, for sure. And a funny, awkward, and embarrassing nostalgic moment for the 9-year-old girl’s momma. We all get ’em!!

Like we said up top, at least the 42-year-old reality TV superstar can admit when she f**ked up. Right?! TBH, it’s pretty funny to have her suffer through re-living those infamous words and be forced to apologize for them in front of the whole world, tho. The internet seriously never forgets!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers??

[Image via TODAY/YouTube/Khloé Kardashian/Instagram/Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

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