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The Kardashians React To Larsa Pippen's Tell-All: She Is 'Toxic Energy' And 'Trying To Stay Relevant'

The KarJenner fam reacts to Larsa Pippen's podcast interview controversy!

Don’t come after the KarJenner fam!

Larsa Pippen may be about to understand why after spilling ALL the behind-the-scenes family tea on the Hollywood Raw podcast this week. And just as we could have guessed, her eyebrow-raising comments on the family and their men — most notably Kanye West and Tristan Thompson — hasn’t exactly gone over so well up in Kalabasas Calabasas!

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Insiders are abuzz with reports from the Kardashian and Jenner kompound, where the Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars are reeling after reacting to Pippen’s very candid interview.

One source spoke to E! News about it, claiming the girls aren’t all that surprised because they previously “caught [Larsa] talking behind their backs,” which essentially ended her friendship with Kim and the rest. So to see Scottie Pippen‘s ex-wife speaking out in public now is just more of the same old s**t. Understandable!

Another source was far more pointed in relaying their criticism of the former friend, though. This insider — who reiterated none of them have any type of relationship with the 46-year-old at this point — dished all the shade, revealing:

“They all think Larsa is toxic energy, [even though] Kim has a soft spot for Larsa because they have been through a lot together. They think she’s trying to stay relevant and Kim doesn’t appreciate the accusations regarding Kanye. The family is very protective over one another and all feel like she violated their privacy by dishing out details to the public.”

Um, yeah! No kidding! And privacy violations aside, saying they’ve all been “brainwashed” by Yeezy is a pretty big accusation to toss out there… no wonder the women are mad!

The “trying to stay relevant” part is a nasty little dig at their former friend, too, isn’t it? Say what you will about ’em, but relevancy is one of the most important tools they have in their PR toolbox, and they know how to use it!

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Still, Larsa got at least one thing right during that podcast interview: Kanye. The source confirmed the Jesus Walks rapper “never trusted” Larsa ever since he first married Kim. Looks like the controversial fashion designer-turned-presidential candidate was right about that one!

But what about Tristan?!

While the world initially expected Larsa’s Kanye talk to have the largest fallout this week, it was actually her reveal about supposedly dating Khloé Kardashian‘s baby daddy first that has garnered most of the social media reaction thus far.

And Kris Jenner‘s tight-knit clan has… a tepid response. From another insider, to E! News:

“Khloé doesn’t believe Larsa was dating Tristan before her. Larsa knew Tristan, but they were never dating.”

Well… OK. Believe what you want, girl!

But remember in her claim they were dating — Larsa herself made it very clear that whatever she had with Tristan was super casual, so it feels like it’s semantics to take a stand on that point, ya know? This clearly wasn’t a serious relationship between the two, whatever it was, and so when he swerved on her to get deeper with Khloé, like, whatever. Life happens, right? We’ve all got a past!

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Anyway, what do U make of the KarJenner fam’s reaction to Larsa, y’all?! They’re totally trying to downplay things — especially her Kanye talk — to try not to give any undue attention or legitimize her claims, right?

Which makes sense because these girls are masters of winning the PR battle! You just know Kris has been up in her office cookin’ up the fam’s master response plan! LOLz!!! And yet give Larsa credit, too. She clearly gives no f**ks and is willing to tell her truth, consequences be damned! Can’t really hate people who just tell it like it is!

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