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Kim Kardashian's Ten-Year Plan: No More 'Kim K,' Become A Lawyer, Change The World!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian West is ready for a makeover — and it’s NOT the kind you think.
The KUWTK star opened up big-time on last night’s episode of her family’s hit TV show, revealing to viewers she’s dead serious about becoming a lawyer and continuing to advocate for criminal justice reform — even if it means giving up the socialite life for which she’s become so famous.
But is she for real? Would Kim K really give up being Kim K to make a highly technical legal practice the main focus of her work life? Absolutely, she claims — and in fact, the wheels are already in motion.
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Kardashian admitted to the audience last night that learning the law has already been her priority for quite a while, even if the broader public is only just now catching on.
She said (below):

“It’s kind of crazy because I’m learning it all as I go [in the apprenticeship]. I spend more time on this than I do anything else. It’s insane but it’s so fun to be around people that are super smart and get it and want the same thing.”


The Family Business Is Serious Business!

But if she’s impressed with the people she’s learning from now, we can only imagine what it was like to watch her father practice law growing up.
And while Robert Kardashian Sr. warned Kim about not going into criminal justice work before he passed away, it was very clear even then that Kim had some kind of interest in continuing the family business.
Kim explained (below):

“I told my dad years ago that I was really into criminal justice and he was like, ‘This will stress you out so much, you do not really want to take this on.’ I think now having gotten so deep in helping Alice [Marie Johnson], I’m really motivated to get to know the law more and fight for people who deserve a second chance like her. I remember in the OJ case, I would go be going through it and Kourtney would yell at me: ‘Stop going through all of dad’s stuff!’ She was so upset, but I think he would be really proud of me. My dad always taught me that hard work is really important and to really commit to things, so my goal would be in like, 10 years, to give up being Kim K and just focus on this and be an attorney and fight for so many deserving people. It would be really interesting and fun to have his Robert Kardashian plaque that I saw on his desk every day growing up and to have mine right next to it.”

That’s very powerful motivation — and sure to help carry her through her law apprenticeship as she continues to study over the next several years.
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Kim noted that the apprenticeship itself  — 18 hours of study a week, plus five hours weekly working with her mentors — has been a challenge with her growing family and entertainment responsibilities. She admitted (below):

“I’m dealing with my three kids, I’m dealing with my career, the fourth baby coming and the stress of law school. Just because you do an apprenticeship does not mean that it’s anything less — I mean, you have to put in 18 hours a week. It is a full commitment. I won’t have time for events, for favors, for friends, for literally anything, for four years. I’m not afraid to work hard. It’s going to be really hard but it’s also really important to me to keep this quiet for a while so I can stay committed and focused.”

Nice! There’s never been any question about Kim’s remarkably high work ethic… just good to see her put it to such good use as she gets older!!

Kim Kardashian Instagram Influencer
Kim’s legal studies journey will soon take her to court… as a professional fighting for justice for those less fortunate! / (c) Kim Kardashian/Instagram

And she has support from the fam back home, too! Kanye West remains firmly by her side and willing to have her back no matter how much she throws herself into the law!
Kim explained (below):

“Kanye has always been someone in my life who has always pushed me to do what I want to do, no matter what the rules are, no matter what people say. So the fact that he is supporting me in this journey, knowing that for the next four years it would take time away from him and our kids, means a lot to me. [It] gives me the confidence that I really need and that extra push of someone around me to be like, ‘I know you can do it. You got this.'”

That’s a VERY critical component to all this, after all — family comes first, and if Kanye and the kids are truly signed off on Kim committing her life to legal work, well, then, this may just work out after all!
What do U think about Kim’s legal ambitions, Perezcious readers?? Surprised at how serious she is, or what?? Sound OFF on it in the comments (below)…
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