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King Charles 'Desperately Wants To Reconcile' With Prince Harry Amid Cancer Battle -- But He ALREADY Left London!

King Charles 'Desperately Wants To Reconcile' With Prince Harry Amid Cancer Diagnosis – Even Though He’s ALREADY Left UK!

Prince Harry wasted no time getting on a flight to the UK after his father King Charles III‘s cancer diagnosis was first announced — but whether or not they can actually reconcile during this difficult time remains to be seen.

As we’ve reported, the monarch called both of his sons ahead of the public statement to inform them of the health issue, as royal expert Katie Nicholl confirmed to ET on Tuesday. She noted that the Duke of Sussex then “came straight to Clarence House for what we understand was a brief meeting with his father.” Um, he flew overnight just for a “brief” meeting? Really?

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Stressing that the meeting was “likely emotional and probably quite difficult for both of them,” the source thinks “the king would have been hugely relieved and comforted by the fact that Harry flew over.” She explained:

“One could only imagine that it would have been an emotional reunion. Because they haven’t seen each other since the King’s coronation, and then they didn’t get to spend very much time together at all.”

Interestingly, the 75-year-old “desperately wants to reconcile with Harry,” and he supposedly doesn’t care about any of the controversy in the past! Not holding a grudge… unlike as it seems with Prince William! Instead, per that outlet, “he wants to repair that relationship and indeed have a relationship with his daughter-in-law [Meghan Markle] and his grandchildren [Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet],” who stayed in California.

That’s hopeful. But it’s probably going to take a lot more than one emotionally-charged and short AF reunion to make amends! Still, it’s not out of the question. Katie mused:

“But however brief that meeting may have been, I think it’s absolutely fundamental and important and healing the rift between father and son.”

It is a step in the right direction — and could lead to more healing for the family, she went on:

“I certainly think we’re seeing a real thawing in the relations between Charles and his son. I know, for Charles, the door has always been left open regardless of some of the things Harry has written… I was told by a source very close to the king that whatever Harry has said or done, he loves his son.”

Adding of the cancer’s role in all this:

“I think when someone has a serious health scare like this, it does make you reassess things, and I think that’s why Harry got on the first flight he could.”

Unfortunately, things can’t be said the same about the brothers’ relationship. That’s a reconciliation that she thinks is “less certain” at this time. Previous sources also claimed the Archewell founder had “no plans” to visit with the Prince of Wales while in the UK, so they don’t seem to be putting their issues aside yet.

Another royal expert, Gareth Russell who chatted with Us Weekly, expressed a similar theory that the patriarch’s health troubles could pull them all together again in time, sharing:

“We often see in families, incidents like this bridge a gap. They build a bridge [between] formally estranged members of a family. Cancer is nothing to be taken lightly and maybe it puts into perspective quarrels and fights that you’ve had before.”

But there’s also another — maybe more likely? — option:

“It could also be a case of as it was with [Queen] Elizabeth II’s funeral, that this is more of a temporary emotional rebounding that will then fall apart, partly because of the geographical distance.”

FWIW, it looks like the fam’s taking option no. 2 so far. Harry has ALREADY LEFT England! He was spotted getting on a plane at Heathrow Airport in London on Wednesday afternoon after chatting with His Majesty for LESS THAN AN HOUR the day before, per That was insanely fast!!!

There is one silver lining to Harry’s exit, though. Royal fans seemed worried his quick trip to the UK after the cancer news may have suggested the condition was worse than the Palace was letting on. But Russell argued the reaction was based more on “human spontaneous emotion” than on the severity of the disease, noting, “like any cancer, [Charles’ diagnosis] has to be taken seriously.” And with Harry already comfortable enough to head home, it possibly seems like there’s no need for immediate worry there. So, that’s good. We hope. Phew!

Gareth also noted that Charles “is immensely grateful and relieved to the medical staff for having spotted it so soon” and probably shared the diagnosis with the world so early because he “is generally a more open person” than his mother was and has a desire to use this crisis for good:

“You can clearly see a tangible positive impact for people in the country to have more frank and honest discussions in public life about illness.”

But there’s MORE!

Could the Spare author’s visit be a sign that he’s ready to resume royal work again? The rumors have been floating around for awhile now, and with Queen Camilla‘s husband having to take a step back from public duties, could this be closer to happening than ever before? YES!! Russell dished:

“That conversation absolutely is happening.”


There’s just one problem, though: Meg! Would she want to rejoin the royal world after everything she went through!? Well, uh, maybe!! The insider further noted:

“I think many of [Meghan’s] sympathizers and supporters would say, ‘Why would she want that?’ She’s made it very clear that she had a difficult time in Britain, and in particular, that she felt very unfairly treated by sections of the British media. I’m a great believer that time can tend to soothe a lot of things that once seemed impossible. Who knows what will happen?”

If Harry and Meghan became working royals again, that would truly shake everything up! And we can’t even begin to imagine how William and Princess Catherine would react?! Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this all unfolds. Reactions? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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