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Kris Jenner Swears Blac Chyna Was Trying To Murder Rob Kardashian!

Kris Jenner Swears Blac Chyna Was Trying To Murder Rob Kardashian When She Pointed A Gun At His Head!

Kris Jenner apparently did not think Blac Chyna was joking when she pointed a gun at Rob Kardashian’s head. In fact, she fully believed the model was planning to murder him!

As Perezcious readers may recall, the 33-year-old previously claimed she was only messing around when she aimed the gun at Rob while FaceTiming his friends back in December 2016 and insisted she only wrapped the phone cord around his neck in an attempt to be “playful.” But when the 66-year-old momager hopped back on the witness stand Friday to continue her testimony in their civil trial, Chyna’s lawyer questioned whether or not she believed the former reality star was going to kill her son. According to TMZ, Kris shockingly responded:

“I do.”


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As for why she thinks so, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum noted that Rob had marks on his body after being strangled with the phone cord, as well as had his shirt torn. Even more so, Kris said she felt that Chyna had really disliked the family. The television personality also claimed that the former couple was under the influence when Chyna pointed the gun at Rob.

When asked why Kris never called the police if she thought Chyna would kill her son, she stated that Dream’s momma already had issues with the authorities and presumed her security, who were all former LAPD officers, would have handled the situation if needed.

Elsewhere in the testimony, Kris was also asked about a text she sent in which she wrote:

“He (Rob) is devastated, and he needs to ditch the bitch.”

The businesswoman explained to the jury that she had been in the heat of the moment when she sent that text, adding:

“I probably could’ve used a word that was nicer.”

This prompted Chyna’s attorney to question why Kris wanted to use a nicer word when talking about someone who she thought was trying to kill her son, to which the mom replied:

“It’s just really not the way I like to talk about people.”

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Kris was then shown another text she sent to the Rob & Chyna showrunner that said:

“Let’s take her off the show and just make it Rob raising his daughter.”

Her reason behind the message? The Kardashians star expressed:

“This is my son that has been traumatized and I was just trying to figure out what to do.”

She then burst into tears as she compared Rob having a gun aimed at his head to Kim Kardashian being tied up and robbed in Paris, which happened only weeks prior to the altercation.

These weren’t the only messages shown to Kris! When her lawyers asked about a text she sent claiming Chyna brutally beat Rob’s face, she joked about it referencing the infamous slap between Will Smith and Chris Rock at this year’s Oscars:

“It’s like if I was at the Academy Awards and got hit in the face, might say I got the s**t beat out of my face.”


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[Image via E! Entertainment/YouTube]

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