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EXCLUSIVE! Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods Have 'Unfinished Business' -- Details!

EXCLUSIVE! Will Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods’ Friendship Last This Time Around? Astrologer Weighs In!

Is the friendship between Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods written in the stars?

Over the weekend, news broke that the pair were spotted hanging out for the first time in more than four years. They were photographed going to dinner at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles on Saturday night. It was a completely unexpected sighting that both shocked and angered some fans! Sorry to further disappoint some social media users, but this sighting wasn’t the first time the former besties have hung out. It was just the first time they were willing to show off their reunion to the public, as they’d been secretly hanging out for over a year! Whoa!

So what does all of this mean for the twosome? Will Kylie and Jordyn be able to move past their issues in order to have the same friendship they once had again? Astrologer Kerry Ward EXCLUSIVELY gave a rundown on their whole situation through the use of tarot, astrology, and the numerology of Kylie and Jordyn’s long-running friendship dynamics. So buckle up, Perezcious readers! There’s a lot to cover here!

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Looking at Kylie’s chart, Kerry revealed to us about The Kardashian star:

“Kylie, born 10th August, is a Leo ruled over by the Sun, a fire sign, associated with Strength in the tarot deck. Her life path number is 8- that of the go-getting success story, legacy builder, billionaire turned philanthropist. Kylie Jenner is basically Bruce Wayne.”

As for Jordyn? The tarot reader shared:

“Jordyn, born 23rd September, is a Libra, ruled over by Venus, an air sign, associated with the Justice card in the tarot deck. Her life path number is 4- that of the determined and trusted can-do builder, the problem solver, the person who handles business. Jordyn is more like Commissioner Gordon if we’re staying in the Gotham City realm! Before the storm, these two were a strong unit, a power couple, a ride-or-die.”

But then Tristan Thompson happened…

Their friendship was ruined when reports came out in 2019 that Jordyn allegedly hooked up with Khloé Kardashian’s cheating baby daddy at a party. During an appearance on Red Table Talk, the 25-year-old model shut down the speculation she slept with the basketball star. However, she revealed that he planted a kiss on her that night. Despite setting the record straight, the once inseparable duo still went their separate ways for a bit – until they reconnected last year.

According to Kerry, the cheating scandal is “all water under the bridge” now for the twosome. But why did Jordyn risk her close bond with Kylie in the first place? She says:

“She’s ruled by Venus. I feel like this was the one fatal flaw in her armoury that night, that romance / pleasure / indulgence-lovin’ goddess and planetary ruler that makes ALL Librans totally susceptible to flirting, Fireballs, and flattery. Librans don’t MEAN to get into ‘situations’, it just happens to them. Everything else about Jordyn is rock-solid, reliable, steadfast. This was NOT in her usual play book. It was, truly genuinely, a blip. A bad call.”

Sadly, that “bad call” cost Jordyn her longtime friendship for a period of time! However, these two seemingly have managed to deal with their issues – enough at least to hang out again. A source told People earlier this week that Jordyn had been the one to reach out to Kylie to “apologize for how everything went down.” And Kerry pointed out that the Woods founder extending an olive branch to her former pal first is simply a part of her “cosmic make-up,” explaining:

“A cardinal sign (an initiator), Libra is all about diplomacy and peace and they cannot abide bad blood, her Justice tarot ruler makes her want to do the right thing. Her 4 life path number is a problem solver at heart. This has always felt like unfinished business, a loose end, an unresolved tangle for Jordyn these last 4 years.”

But when it comes to Kylie, she is warning the makeup mogul not to take “Jordyn’s kindness for weakness!” Kerry stated:

“Kylie laps it up because she’s a Leo and Leos were born to rule, lead, and be adored. Lapping things up is what Leos do best, the cat that literally got the cream. I think Kylie may be in danger of taking Jordyn’s kindness for weakness, for thinking this vindicates her behavior, and that she has ~won~ this conflict. And she would be wrong there. Reading the room, most people see this as Jordyn being magnanimous, honest, and humble. These are qualities in REAL short supply on reality TV.”

You might want to listen up, Kylie! Despite the pair taking the steps to mend the fences, things are “not over yet.” It sounds like these two have a lot of work to put into their relationship, or else we could see all of the work they’ve put into this reconciliation basically blow up in their faces! Kerry explained:

“Jordyn’s made the move, the move has been accepted, and the narrative turns to a redemption and rekindling story. We know the drill. Deep down, though, Jordyn is ruled by Justice (doing the right thing and being morally vindicated MATTERS) and her 4 life path can make her dogmatic, stubborn, rigid in her views. If she doesn’t get the vindication she believes she merits from this chapter of the story then expect that olive branch to burst into flames in Kylie and the gang’s faces.”

She then noted she doesn’t believe Jordyn “wants their forgiveness,” adding:

“That was a ploy to get her foot in the door. She has a different conversation in mind. One which vindicates her fully and sustainably.”


So what does the future ultimately hold for Kylie and Jordyn? Well, Kerry seems positive things can work out between them in the long run! In fact, she feels they potentially could “form an unstoppable alliance” together moving forward:

“There is SO much cosmic positive potential in this friendship — fire meets air (a great combination elementally), the Sun meets Venus (neighbourly planets), Strength meets Justice (two ‘do the right thing’ cards), and life path 8 meets 4 (they are divisible and compatible, they see life similarly). Both of these women are go-getters, success stories, rational and driven empire-builders and, together, they can form an unstoppable alliance.”

She continued:

“Kylie has the more materially successful pathway in life (whereas Jordyn seeks a broader type of fulfillment) and her spirituality / philanthropy / desire to do good will kick in later on. Perhaps Jordyn can help there as she is already more rounded in that sense. Perhaps this friendship’s role in the Kardashian playbook is to make Kylie more empathetic, world-conscious, mature, and ready to use her resources and power to make the world a better place. Let’s hope so.”

Wow!!! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Do you see Kylie and Jordyn’s friendship lasting this time around? Let us know in the comments below! You can also ch-ch-check out Kerry’s book Power, Purpose, Practice HERE, “which will tell you WHO you are and WHAT you should be doing with your life.”

[Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram, Jordyn Woods/Instagram]

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