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Did Kylie Jenner Steal MORE Khy Designs?? Check Out The Almost Identical Evidence!!

Did Kylie Jenner steal another artist’s designs?!

The launch of the model’s new clothing company Khy has been marred by controversy — and now TWO fashion designers are accusing her of stealing their work! On Wednesday, The Kardashians star shared photos of herself in a new skin-tight white dress — a piece from her new clothing drop, out now. But when the image hit the internet, people quickly noticed a similarity to a different fashion designer’s work — and now that girl is speaking out!

The new claims come from Jessica Johansen-Bell of the company Johansen. She posted a TikTok on Thursday BLASTING the reality star for allegedly copying one of her “signature” collections, which she originally released “like three or four years ago.” But here’s what’s really problematic about it! Jessica has actually collaborated with Kylie in the past! So there *is* a chance the reality star (or someone on her team) knew of the designer’s work and decided to rip it off anyway.

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Explaining the situation, Jessica said lots of her friends and followers had been messaging her about Kylie’s new post. Only, because the dress was so similar to her collection, many assumed they were working together again! She said:

“We’ve dressed Kylie before so just thought it was old stuff. Eventually, after getting so many DMs, I started looking into it and took a dive, and I was so shocked!”

Just take a look at how similar the collections are:


Innovation station

♬ Circus Music – The Hit Crew Kids


Basically all that’s different is an additional strap on Kylie’s pieces! Oof!

Horrified by the similarity, Jessica reached out to Khy to get some clarity, and she was NOT impressed with their response:

“So I reached out to their team and they got back to me pretty quickly, and they said, ‘we developed these designs through our teams hard work and innovation.’ Which, I was just like… If you look up the meaning of innovation, it means new idea.”

LOLz! The shade!!!

Over on Jessica’s Instagram Story, she broke down some more similarities between the two products, pointing out that Kylie “even used the same fabric composition as our dresses” — 95% polyester and 5% spandex. A coincidence? Maybe? But, damn. We get why she’s upset! It sucks to be a hard-working, independent brand and have an A-lister possibly steal your thunder like this — and get seen by a LOT more people!

By the way, as we mentioned, she’s not the only one this has happened to. Betsy Johnson, the mind behind a line called PRODUCTS, also accused the socialite of stealing her work in 2023 — after she emailed the 26-year-old and her team concepts, language, and line sheets from her clothing line earlier in the year. But instead of collaborating with her, they allegedly went on and used her ideas with no credit. Not cool!

So far, Kylie or her Khy team have not publicly addressed Jessica’s claims. Do YOU think they may have done something sketchy?? SOUND OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & Jessica Johansen-Bell/Instagram]

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