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What Kylie Jenner & Timothée Chalamet REALLY Said To Each Other?!

Kylie Jenner Timothee Chalamet Golden Globes Kiss Lip Reading

While the 2024 Golden Globes may have mostly whiffed in the fake banter department (what was that with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon?!), they kinda nailed it when it came to real drama!

There was the whole Selena Gomez exchange with Taylor Swift, and of course there was the possible subject of that tea-spillageTimothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner.

Timmy was at the Globes in support of Wonka, and Kylie was there in support of Timmy. And at one point the CBS cameras, floating around to snoop at A-listers in between segments, caught a moment between the pair that drove fans wild! A public kiss from the couple who aren’t even walking red carpets together yet? Was that an L word exchange??

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Well, hired a legit lip reading expert to try their best at deciphering exactly what was said between these two. And this is what they came away with…

In the first part of the exchange, Timothée tells his girlfriend:

“You’re the best.”

As they dreamily look at one another, Kylie strokes Timmy’s necklace, saying:

“This is really elegant… it’s black.”

He replies:

“You like it?”

She says:

“Yes it’s so nice!”

And yes, they DO use the L word! Per this translation, Timmy says, “I love you,” and Kylie says “I love you” back. Then the Wonka star adds:

“I love thinking about you.”

To which Kylie responds with the same, “I love thinking about you.”

And then they both say, “No, you’re schmoopie.” OK, we added that last part. But yeah, this so reads like that honeymoon phase of dating that surely annoys everyone around them! LOLz!

Speaking of which, the PDA. According to the lip reader, Timmy asks his gal:

“How are the lips?”

And that’s how he leads into the kiss! WHAT?!

We obviously aren’t pro lip readers, so we can’t assess how accurate this take is. But it seems as close as anything else we’ve heard! What do YOU think, Perezcious readers??

[Image via CBS/YouTube.]

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