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Lala Kent Sobs Recalling Awful Moment She Rushed 1-Year-Old Daughter To Hospital Because She Couldn't Breathe

Lala Kent Sobs Recalling Awful Moment She Rushed 1-Year-Old Daughter To Hospital Because She Couldn't Breathe

Lala Kent is remembering a very traumatic time for her family.

On the latest episode of her podcast, the Vanderpump Rules star recounted the scary moment where she had to rush 1-year-old daughter Ocean Kent Emmett to the emergency room. Understandably, the momma was noticeably shaken by the experience. And while Ocean is doing fine now, the event seriously scared Lala — so much so that even telling the story made her break down in tears!

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On Wednesday’s Give Them Lala, the 32-year-old mother explained how she had put Ocean to bed one evening last week when she started to feel that “something was wrong.” Listening to the girl cry, she realized the noise was different than usual:

“So I go in, and she is gasping for air like she cannot breathe.”

Ocean was “screaming” and crying, the terrified momma recalled. For a little while, Lala felt that was a good sign, because it meant the little girl was still able to get air in her lungs. But something wasn’t right. After a few minutes, Lala realized she needed medical attention:

“I was watching her, I tried to lay down, I was steaming the shower, [and] while it was steaming, I put her on my chest, laid in the bed and just the way she was sounding, you could tell she was having trouble breathing. Now I’m not f**king around. … I was keeping an eye on her for what seemed like an hour which was really five minutes before I decided we’re going to the emergency room. Like, something’s off.”


Lala picked up Ocean and readied her for the hospital. The Bravo star’s mom also happened to be in town at the time, so all three rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. The place was “filled to the brim,” according to the reality star, but emergency room doctors understood something was very wrong with the baby girl and “pushed her into a room immediately.”

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Soon, docs came back with a diagnosis: Ocean had croup. According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s an infection of the lungs and upper airway which can obstruct breathing. It’s fairly common, and in time — in some cases — it can go away on its own. But with a small child, the concern is magnified greatly, and it must be addressed ASAP.

Thankfully, the doctors jumped in to treat it. They gave Ocean a steroid to “release the airway” and open her breathing tube. Soon, she was breathing better. The concerned momma added:

“When they’re infants, [it] is very very scary. Luckily Ocean’s lungs are developed, so it is something that if you catch it quickly is very treatable.”

So thankful!!

Still, it was a really tough moment for the new mom. As Lala recalled going through it on this week’s podcast, she broke down in tears. Struggling to speak, she said:

“Even talking about it now, it was like, ‘oh my God this is so scary.’ Like I asked the nurse, ‘is my baby going to wake up tomorrow? Because I’m freaking out.’ All I know is my baby woke up and was having a hard time breathing, I’m so sorry.”

Such a scary situation for a parent. And with a kid so young, who can’t tell you something is wrong, it’s even more unsettling and uncertain.

Sending so much love to Lala! And we are SO thankful Ocean is on the mend now!!

[Image via Lala Kent/Instagram]

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