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Lala Kent Teases Sperm Donor Identity & Says New Pregnancy Brought Her Closer To A VPR Castmate!

Lala Kent Teases Sperm Donor Identity & More About New Pregnancy -- And Says It Brought Her Closer To WHOM?!

We’re learning more about Lala Kent‘s second journey into motherhood!

As we reported hours ago, the 33-year-old reality TV star announced on Instagram that she is expecting her second child! Of course, she shares daughter Ocean Kent Emmett, who will turn 3 years old in a matter of days, with ex Randall Emmett. But this second baby was conceived via intrauterine insemination (IUI) with the use of a sperm donor! So it’s all Lala doing her own thing this time!

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On Monday morning, the reality TV star took to her Give Them Lala podcast to reveal details about the process. She was understandably emotional during the show but thankfully had plenty of support to back it up — her mom Lisa, her brother Easton, and her friend Jessica all joined in. The biggest news of the morning was that she got pregnant ON HER FIRST TRY! After picking out the sperm donor, Lala revealed that the very first IUI procedure was the one that “took” inside her body:

“I just could not fathom that I was having a second baby on try one. I thought I’d have a little more time to sink into it. I really did.”

Funny enough, it’s probably a good thing the first one clicked. She fast found out friends she told about the process were VEEERRRY nosy in the first 24 hours after the procedure! She received tons of texts and messages about it from the beginning:

“With mine it was like I’m going in for my IUI because I got a donor. People who I would tell, I didn’t think this one through, people who I would tell, ‘I’m going in for my first IUI,’ then actively would text me the next day, ‘When do you find out if it took?’ So I had people actively asking me, ‘Are you pregnant, are you pregnant, are you pregnant?'”

Like we said, good thing it worked so quickly! Or else she would have gotten a million more messages every month! LOLz!

As for the sperm donor, Lala was still fairly tight-lipped about him. She said the entire IUI journey is going to play out later on during this current season of Vanderpump Rules. But intriguingly, she did say that she wanted to give Ocean a sibling that matched her family’s “aesthetic.” As in, like, skin tone?! Ethnicity? So she picked a guy who looks like Randall?? She explained:

“The outside world is funny, right? Not everybody is as progressive as we are. And I just felt like, ‘Ok, I’m bringing this baby in the world because I so badly want it to be here, but I also want to eliminate as many questions as I possibly can. So, I would prefer that this baby kind of have the same aesthetic look as me, my mom, Ocean, so when they come into this world, it’s not only like, ‘You don’t have a dad, because I got you from a donor and you also look nothing.'”

And the Bravo veteran continued:

“I just want to eliminate any sort of toughness for them, ’cause the world is already tough when you come from a totally normal family. I don’t want to make it any tougher for them.”

As for the medical side of the push to get pregnant, Lala explained how her on-air VPR intention is to humanize that a bit. Fans will gets a glimpse into why she picked her donor, and how she moved passed the cold, scientific aspects of the procedure to celebrate her life-giving abilities! She explained:

“It was a way for me to make something that again, could be very isolating and cold, ’cause it’s very scientific, you’re going in and being artificially insemination, which I hate that term — it’s the worst, it’s horrible. But when I’ve read articles talking about this process, they’ll say, also known as artificial insemination, so to me, that’s very scientific jargon, cold, like what? It feels robotic.”

And that’s not all! Before wrapping things up on the new pod, Lala also revealed that this second pregnancy has already made her bond tightly with former VPR castmate Stassi Schroeder!

Stassi Schroeder Lala Kent friend bonding second baby
Stassi and her husband Beau Clark share daughter Hartford and son Messer! / (c) Stassi Schroeder/Instagram

Of course, Stassi is a mom to two children of her own. And as Lala begins to think about the realities of parenting two kids, and all the chaos that comes with it, Stassi has been there for her to lean on! The podcaster revealed:

“Stassi and I have gotten extremely close. She was the second person after you, Jess, that I called and told, just because we’re very in-sync in a lot of different ways. She loves being a mom. And so do I. She’s also very honest about being a mom. She’s also out there, like, really working her ass off. So there’s just so much that we have in common where we can talk to each other and it just feels like I get what I need from that friendship.”

Lala and Stassi have a loooooong history together on VPR, obvi. And now they are doing motherhood-times-two together, too! Love that! Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

[Image via Lala Kent/Instagram/MEGA/WENN]

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